Day: December 27, 2018

Your Safety During Home Renovation Projects

While home renovation can be an exciting way to achieve the house of your dreams, your safety is crucial during the process. Home renovation or improvement can cause a number of accidents if not planned properly. Here are some safety guidelines to follow during the renovation process:

First Aid Kit

Have a fully organized first aid kit at your disposal at all times. Bumps and scratches can be nuisances during home renovation projects and taking care of them immediately will ensure they heal quicker.

Safety Accessories

Make sure to add safety accessories in your shopping list. Safety glasses are great protection for your eyes and earplugs help to avoid ear damage when operating loud machinery.

Read the Manual

There’s a reason almost every appliance has a manual guide that comes with it. Follow instructions, not intuition. The manufacturer is more knowledgeable about the product and following the guidelines will ensure a safe process and effective end result.

Clean Workspace

A clean and well-maintained workspace highly contributes to your safety. Make sure to store power tools, sharp objects, or any other dangerous materials on high shelves out of child’s reach. You may even keep them in a locked cabinet. Also, make sure your workspace is well-lit!

Your safety is crucial when undertaking any renovation project and it’s important to ensure the safety of the people working with you as well.

Steps in Carpet Installation

Installing a new carpet not only increases the beauty of a room but provides insulation, sound control, and a comfortable surface to walk on. The steps involved in carpet installation include:

Measure and Clean

The first thing to do is to measure the length and width of the room where the carpet needs to be installed. After noting the size of the room, clean and vacuum the room clean.

Tackless Strips

With the help of a strip cutter, cut and install the tackless strips across threshold and doorways. They will be used to stabilize the carpet. Make sure not to walk on them as they can hurt your feet.

Roll the Carpet

Lay out the carpet pad perpendicular to the direction you plan to install the carpet and staple it near the tackless strips with a staple hammer.


Using a utility knife, cut away the padding along the interior edge of the strip. You may cut away any excess carpet as well but leave about 3” extra next to the walls. The excess can then be attached to the edges of the room for a clearer and better carpet room makeover.

Perfect Finish

Once the carpet is installed, cut out the vent openings and attach shoe molding around the room if desired.

How to Create a Home Gym

Going to the gym can become really easy and cheap if you renovate an unused room into a home gym. Home gyms are great additions and tend to increase your home value. Having a small space where you can work out after a long tiring day is perfect rather than going to a paid gym.


Choosing to have the gym on the ground floor is the best option. This helps in installing gym equipment, and heavy machines such as treadmills are better on the ground floor. Maybe your garage can become your new gym if you cannot find a small room!


Although having a home gym can be cost-effective, you still need to invest in gym equipment and renovation. For instance, the cost of converting a garage (including heating, lighting, and flooring) will be around $5,000 – $10,000.


Choosing the right equipment will vary on what you want to achieve. If you’re looking to increase your strength, then various pulleys, bars, and levers will be the right option for you. On the other hand, treadmill and exercise bikes are great for cardio, and exercise balls and rollers are advisable for flexibility.


The last step to consider is the wall. You may choose to install mirrors all around the room or in a particular section of the room. Music speakers are great additions as well as insulating the room.

Door Trim Ideas You Need to Try

Door trimming is an intricate and detailed process involving accurate designing. Some ideas for door trimming includes:

Clean Colonial

As one of the most traditional designs, this type of trimming dates back to the Colonial American era. This style of designing ensures a smooth door which is broad and flat with little decoration, and is mitered at the corners. The bottoms of the side casings can be finished with plinth blocks.


This type of door is unique with its strong lines, low embellishment, and natural wood. A wider casing at the top is usually used rather than along the sides.


This is the most common and easy door trim design. This classic door has a rosette, fluted casing, and plinth blocks. Although this increases the class of your home, this door trim is, however, overbearing and inappropriate in houses with a cleaner, more modern style. This type of door has 2 rosette blocks at the top, 2 plinth blocks at the bottom, and 3 fluted casings on the side. This is also one of the most costly doors to make.

Door trimming adds originality and increases your home’s aesthetics. Although it can be a great DIY project, a professional should be consulted or hired for a perfect finish. The latter will also provide his knowledge and experience to ensure your door is looking good.

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