A bean bag is a seat with a shape reminiscent of a bean bag, narrow at the top and wide at the base. Filled with polystyrene beads or shape memory foam, the bean bag is comfortable because it conforms to the shape of your body. There are all kinds of styles: in acidic colors, in fake fur, for indoor or outdoor use for example. You can even find smaller sizes for children.

The Characteristics of the Bean Bag

A bean bag consists of an envelope (or cover) and a filling. It is sometimes equipped with a handle at the top to facilitate its transport. Its shape, as its name suggests, reminds us of a large bean bag as found in grocery stores. However, the bean bag we are talking about here is not the same as the bean bag at grocery stores. Recently bean bag has become part of the latest trends in the upholstery business.
The materials of the bean bag

The Material of the Envelope Depends on the Use of the Bean Bag:

  • For indoor use, the cover can be made of cotton, fake fur, braided fabric…
  • For outdoor use, it must be waterproof and is generally made of polyester.

The filling is made of polystyrene beads or memory foam. These malleable materials provide the comfort of a soft cushion.

The Dimensions of the Bean Bag

A bean bag measures about 120 to 140 cm in diameter and 125 to 150 cm in height.
A bean bag for children is 60 to 90 cm in diameter and 40 to 90 cm high.

The Weight of the Bean Bag

The bean bag is quite light, it weighs about 3 kg. This type of furniture is nomadic, can be moved as desired and is a practical companion seat.

Floor Cushion: The Use of the Bean Bag Cushion: Which Rooms and Which Purposes?

The bean bag is a comfortable and friendly piece of furniture.
It can be a centerpiece of your living room, near your fireplace for example, or serve as a side-seat for your guests because it is easily transportable.

It creates a relaxation area in a bedroom. For children, it is a good place to enjoy reading. It is also very popular with gamers and can be installed in front of the game console. The bean bag has its place also in the garden, provided that its covering is adapted to the surroundings. Finally, it can be placed on a pool beach, a terrace, or directly on the grass for a relaxing moment.

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