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10 Home Improvements to Avoid

If you’re looking to get value for your money by investing in a home improvement project, here are 10 design trends and features to avoid.

1) Inconsistent architecture

The fact that your home contains a tangle of architectural styles can be off-putting to a potential buyer. A ranch-style home with columns on the front porch can be just as confusing as a log home with art decor accents. Each architectural style has its own beauty, so be sure to emphasize these factors. Otherwise, it’s like eating pickles on ice!

2) Oversized kitchens

Hold the rise of famous chefs responsible for it. Kitchens with every imaginable appliance and too much space can be off-putting to potential buyers who don’t engage in serious entertainment. Unless you’re planning sumptuous meetings with a team of cooks, it may be time to divide the kitchen into several parts, such as a comfortable breakfast nook and a family table.

3) False “Old World” design

By decorating or highlighting a European style on the left (for example, the right-hand region of Tuscany has a particular and popular type), we can hope to capture the elegance of this region, but keep in mind that unless you get the materials (and a vineyard to boot), there will always be something inauthentic about channeling Europe into another part of the world.

4) White cameras

If your devices are white, it’s time to upgrade them. White may at one time have been the color of choice to showcase a spotless home (everything appears on white!), but that’s precisely the problem. Homebuyers will unconsciously feel the hard work associated with cleaning each surface or see persistent stains that will never come out. In addition, plastics fade over time, turning a non-uniform yellow. Instead, choose black appliances, stainless steel, or the latest “black stainless steel”.

5) Wallpaper

Wallpaper makes a bold statement in a home. However, that same boldness can discourage buyers, especially if the wallpaper is cheap, old or familiar. In addition, removing wallpaper is a labor-intensive process that can also discourage potential buyers, especially considering that removing old wallpaper can damage walls and create more headaches. In addition, wallpaper can be a source of undetected mold growth. Use paint instead.

6) Carpeted bathrooms

There was a time when walking across the master bedroom and walking on a glossy tiled floor made a carpeted bathroom look like a brilliant idea, but that time is past. That’s what bath mats are for. Carpets and water in the same place only lead to the growth of mould or damage. Some modern homes have heated floors, a huge selling point for potential buyers, and far preferable to the hygiene nightmare of a carpeted bathroom.

7) Solid Gold Appliances and Equipment

Metallic finishes can add warmth and sophistication to your home, but if you have bright gold fixtures and hardware, consider removing them. Gold has an unnecessarily glossy, flashy look that may appeal to the nouveau riche, but most home buyers find it as old-fashioned as the 80s. Instead, choose to replace these fixtures with warmer metals such as polished brass or brushed nickel.

8) Tile Countertops

The countertops in your kitchen and bathroom play an important role in the eye of a potential buyer. If they are tiled, consider removing them. At one time, this seemed like a modern trend, but tile countertops can be disconcerting to maintain. Think about it: what to do if a tile flakes and needs to be replaced? Are you prepared to regularly clean porous grout to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria? This only makes the already unwelcome chore of cleaning the kitchen even worse.

9) Cheap wood siding

The wooden houses are beautiful. If you have beautiful wood paneling throughout your home, leave them alone. However, if you have cheap wood siding in your house for a bingo game in a church basement, remove it immediately. Cheap wood paneling will instantly date your home and scream “cheap” to those who look at it. Worse yet, it can be very expensive.

10) Taxidermy

Not all buyers will like the heads of the animals on display, so it is best to remove the moose head at the sale. That said, this may not prevent a sale in some areas of the United States where hunting is popular. Similarly, similar objects such as a bull’s skull strategically placed over a coat or in a garden will only be attractive to certain types of home bars. Keep in mind that your goal is to make your home an open model, so that a potential buyer may consider living in it.

What Should I Look for When Renovating a Pool


– Renovation to repair your pool

– Swimming pool renovation: to embellish or improve

– Who should I contact for pool renovations?

A swimming pool gets damaged over time and it is often useful or even necessary to renovate it. For renovations, whether it is essential or you simply want to embellish your pool, it is advisable to call a professional. Here is a brief overview.

Renovation to repair your pool

This renovation is often made necessary after years of use of the pool. A first step is to make an “inventory of fixtures” that will help determine existing problems.

The most common problems encountered are:

– Leaks in the hydraulic system: a search for leaks with specialized equipment or by doing tests makes it relatively easy to locate the origin of the problem. Depending on the design of the pool and the location of the leak, it may be necessary to open part of the walls or the bottom of the pool.

– Micro-cracks or cracks in the structure of concrete pools: it is possible, after treatment of the cracks, to put the pool back into operation. In some cases, it may be imperative to install a reinforced membrane or glass fibre reinforced polyester, for example. These will ensure that the pool is permanently watertight and give it a “facelift”.

– Blisters on the surface of shell pools: this phenomenon is well known as the osmosis phenomenon. A sanding, followed by the application of glass matting with resin and a gel coat finish and your pool is left for 15 years of good and loyal service.

– The liner is no longer watertight: a change of liner is necessary.

– The tile joints are in poor condition: it is then necessary to redo the joints after a few years and replace the lost tiles. This renovation is easy even if it is often difficult to find exactly the same tile.

– Changing a tile is also possible, even if it is a bigger job. Indeed, this requires (after demolition) a preliminary repair of the sealing compound.

Swimming pool renovation: to embellish or improve

Over the years, your pool will become obsolete, both aesthetically and technically. Indeed, new equipment is marketed every year, you can call upon a professional who will be able to advise you.

Among the possible renovations are the following:

– Replacement of a ladder by a stairway or an immersed beach, if the dimensions of the pool allow it.

– Installation of an immersed roller shutter, which is much more aesthetic than an above-ground shutter and easier to handle than a cover.

– Installation of a heating system, to extend the swimming season.

– Installation of balneotherapy nozzles in a shallow corner of the pool to create a relaxation and wellness area.

– Integration of a jacuzzi in the pool.

– Raising the bottom of a very deep pool and integration of an automatic bottom cleaning system.

This has the advantage of reducing the volume of water in the pool and therefore reducing the quantity of treatment products while benefiting from a powerful automatic cleaning system.

– Modification of the water circulation system by the creation of an overflow that will replace the skimmers. In addition to the technical benefit for the quality of the filtration, there is also an aesthetic advantage.

– Modification of the shape of the pool, creation of a terrace, a pool house…

Who should I contact for pool renovations?

All of the above renovations must be carried out by a professional who will be able to advise you on the feasibility of the planned renovation, taking into account the land, the structure of the pool and the existing installation.

The cost varies according to the work envisaged: from a hundred dollars to several thousand. Before committing yourself, it is of course necessary to obtain detailed estimates and compare them.

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