Remember, regardless of the size of your kitchen or the cost of the project, a kitchen remodel can quickly get out of hand.

I’m being honest here.

It might take longer than you thought. Or cost you thousands more than what you originally planned.

So, to help you tackle this first-time crisis, here are some easy-to-follow tips.

#1. Plan Your Budget

Plan Your Budget

Out of all the reasons why most first renovators fail in this home project is, the most common one includes their underestimation of this crucial budgeting process.

Assuming that a remodelling is the same as a new kitchen is completely wrong. And, whether you’ve decided to play the “hero” and go DIY or hire the team of experts at Best Assembly Pty Ltd, planning a budget is your only chance of escaping a major blowout.

What should you ask yourself while establishing the limits?

  • What features of the new kitchen are absolutely crucial?


  • Can you afford to upgrade your kitchen with high-end and expensive elements?


  • Will you be selling the house within a few years?

#2. Always Put Functionality First

Always Put Functionality First

While we have all come across some breath-taking kitchen designs that can create a more appealing space and do cooking in the kitchen more enjoyable and comfortable than ever, experts claim that the functionality of a space can never be replaced or sacrificed only for the sake of elegant looks and sophisticated style.

Now, the worst thing you could do is designing the kitchen in the most boring way possible to address the need for functionality, space and openness.

See, functionality and aesthetics are two qualities that are very personal, meaning that it’s up to the homeowner to decide which one is more important or how to balance both.

Here’s how you can revamp your kitchen space, incorporating great functionality along with charming elegance:

  • Kitchen Layout with pastel colours:

Here, elegance and functionality in this modern kitchen will be expressed differently with enhanced spacious looks of the space and timeless, colourful accents making a bold and appealing statement.

  • White and Stainless Steel Style:

A minimalist and sleek-modern look is one of the best ideas to make your kitchen appear more spacious and hassle-free.

Pairing stainless steel appliances with white cabinets and countertops will create a perfect backdrop for photos.

  • Incorporate smart cabinetry:

Active users of the kitchen understand the need for extra storage in the kitchen.

If you don’t want to end up with lots of cookware and little storage space, increasing drawer depths, maximising pull-out pantry racks, mounting shelving units on blank wall space and installing cabinets that reach up to the ceiling are your only options.

#3. Choose Kitchen Colours Wisely

Choose Kitchen Colours Wisely

I see a lot of people have a preference for an all-white kitchen.

Personally, as someone who has had a plain white kitchen for years now, I would like to express how white kitchens are not too much of an issue.

That is if you are not living in a house packed with children and pets. Or, if you are not much a fan of Indian cooking, which can often result in lots of tough stains, oil and stickiness pretty everywhere in your cooking space.

And, when it’s time to clean all the mess, you’d realise you’d made the wrong choice.

So, many experts recommend the use of bright and light colours to cheer the mood of kitchen users.

I would, for example, opt for a mixture of yellow and orange hues – known as the sunset combination – or lemon light and light green tones – also known as citrus shades.

These types of colour palettes can reflect a warm and comfortable space, smoothening the entire atmosphere and releasing a positive energy.

#4. Ventilation Is Critical

Ventilation Is Critical

When it comes to cooking space, one of the most important factors you need to consider is ventilation.

The very basic act of cooking consists of using heat and this heat is then transferred to your kitchen space.

Having a door, a window or even an open door works as efficiently as would a chimney or an exhaust fan.

Have your dream kitchen in mind? Why don’t you trust the experts at Best Assembly Pty Ltd to give you a hand?