Remodeling is all about buying this, removing that, painting this and changing that. That’s it!

That’s what most people think about.

In reality, renovation is all about planning.

Unless you want things to go smoothly, embarking on this quite daunting journey without much preparation can create an entangling spectrum of mess.

So, today I invite you to read this list and get ready for your renovation project.

#1. Why Are You Renovating Your House?

Why Are You Renovating Your House?

Before taking the ultimate plunge, ask yourself the reason that lies behind such a life-changing decision.

  • Are you newlyweds wishing to create the home design of your dreams?
  • Are you anticipating a new member?
  • Want to renovate your 30-year-old ancestral home?
  • Does your house lack space or storage?
  • Do you have a project to sell your house and want to boost its capital value?

The answer to the above-mentioned questions will play a crucial role in determining some important decisions and styling elements in your renovation project.

For example, let’s assume you want to make some extra cash in selling your house. So, remodeling your home will be more focused on implementing features target by current market trends rather than going with your own preferences.

#2. What Is Your Budget?

What Is Your Budget?

Every homeowner has their own dream houses, hidden and visualized in their minds, which often fail to come true due to the boundaries set by their budgets.

No matter how excited you are to knock down walls and splatter paints, you need to be clear on the amount of money you can spend on the renovation project.

Out of all mistakes, this is the most common one committed by most homeowners and let me add how failure to adhere to a budget has resulted in overspending, debts and unsatisfied results.

Honestly, my advice to you would be if you don’t want to be knocked out by a major blowout and end up with an uncompleted home project, make sure you address this budgeting process properly.

Now, it is also essential to identify the “hero” items – which refer to expensive stuff that you cannot comprise or adjust with at all – in your budget

And, does your budget give some room for professional designer’s fees?

#3. Make a “Wish-List” and a “Must-Have” List

Make a “Wish-List” and a “Must-Have” List

I agree that a wine cellar adds that outright classic and sophisticated touch to a house, elevating its elegance. However, is it a must-have item?

I mean, you can live without a wine cellar, right? (Not that I’m saying you can live without wines –which I don’t think I can).

Following the budgeting stage comes the need to distinguish between necessities and wants.

Once you’ve fit essential items in your budget, nothing can stop you from fulfilling a few of your desires.

#4. What Will the Weather Be Like?

What Will the Weather Be Like?

Does it really matter if it’s rainy or sunny?

It does indeed!

If you’ve hired a team of experts, keep in mind that a lot of people would be going in and out of your house countless times. Now, imagine all these movements during muddy weather.

Things might be worse if you’ve programmed your project in the dead of a winter season.

#5. How Much Time Will It Take?

How Much Time Will It Take?

Are you an impatient type of person? Do you like getting things done faster? If so, you might want to slow down a bit there.

Living in a world that constantly evolves might make you adore fast speed, but the nature of a renovation project is completely different.

I’m sure the common phrase “great things take time” must have been thrown at you numerous times. Just like how a nice wine takes time to mature and a breath-taking garden takes time to bloom, similarly getting permits approved, hiring designers and changing styles and looks can take a great deal of time.

How about sharing with us your reason behind a home remodeling?