– Stair cladding: how to choose?

– Wood, the most elegant material for stair cladding

– Stair cladding: quality and affordable price

– Concrete and paint: simplicity

– Stair cladding: what colour?

It’s hard to choose a floor covering… there are so many! And their different properties are not always suitable for all rooms.

Stair cladding should be in perfect harmony with your interior design, and the function and staircase location are essential points to consider when choosing the material covering your stairs. Then, it is your interior decoration and your personality that will help you choose the colour.

Stair cladding: how to choose?

Choosing a staircase covering is a complicated and rational process. Making the right choice from an aesthetic point of view and a practical point of view is not easy. Stair cladding should be in harmony with your interior.

The stair cladding is chosen according to its function and location, so depending on whether it is:

– open or closed;

– upstairs or downstairs;

– short or long.

Wood is the most elegant material for stair cladding

There are seven materials for stair cladding, two of which are wood. We’ll start with these before we look at the others.

Why is wood stair cladding the most popular? For its elegance above all. But to learn more, here are the characteristics of the two types of wood flooring:

– Hardwood: classy, fits all shapes of stairs, different species/colours, oak, cherry, and maple are the most famous.

– Laminated flooring: also called floating, imitation wood or ceramic (at a lower price), different colours/quality/thickness.

Staircase flooring: quality and affordable price

Stair Cladding

Ceramic, carpet or vinyl are practical solutions for stair flooring. Of course, their characteristics and use are not the same, but each one has concrete advantages, including a good quality/price ratio as a rule.

What you need to know about these stair coverings:

– Ceramic: tiles placed on wood or concrete, different colours/patterns/quality, choose non-slip or textured for safety, durable and low maintenance, but hard and cold.

– Carpet: different patterns/prices/colours/textures, soft, good sound insulation, holds dust.

– Vinyl: good quality/price ratio, choose the right thickness, changes colour in the sun, different patterns/prices/textures.

Concrete and paint: simplicity

These are the last two solutions, the least demanding in terms of price or installation. These solutions are appreciated when you have neither the time nor the desire to complicate the task and when the stair cladding is only functional.

Summary of the characteristics of concrete or painted stair covering:

– Concrete: only during construction, urban decor, no risers, metal stringers, very durable, almost no maintenance.

– Paint: epoxy-based, different colours, cheap and resistant, silica sand to improve adhesion.

Stair cladding: what colour?

Your stair cladding should blend in with the decor, whether plain or includes shades and mixes. It is essential to choose the right colours for your staircase covering; it must reflect your personality. Therefore, the colours can be:

– cheerful: pink, blue;

– discreet: white; beige;

– soothing: green;

– dynamic: red, yellow, orange.

These days, stairwells provide a fantastic opportunity to showcase your favourite designs and express your individual preferences. It’s a tremendous opportunity to enhance your stairwell’s functionality to the next level. Your floors have a significant impact on your overall home experience. And, to maintain the aesthetics and functionality of your place, it would help if you call a professional. For more help, fair, friendly solutions, Sha-Monique Construction will serve you in Durham, Markham and the Greater Toronto Area: Stairs and Flooring, Indoor and Outdoor, Home Renovations, Bathroom Remodeling, Kitchen Remodeling and Home Finishes.