LED is slowly gaining more terrain in today’s more environmental-friendly world we live in. They are aesthetically pleasing and distribute light more evenly in any given area it is illuminating. However, very few of us have learned or known the term retrofitting LEDs because they might be very beneficial for commercial and residential buildings. They are slowly gaining a cult following, and though you might have not heard of them, you have surely seen them if you are out and about at night. Come along with us and learn more about retrofitting LEDs light.

What is it exactly?



Retrofitting, in this case, means you are adding something new to something that was already there or that wasn’t part of the original construction; this could be anything from internet connection to lighting to even accessories or other technological components. In this case, the term retrofitting is synonymous with conversion and in terms of lighting, most of the lighting retrofitting happening today is LED oriented. LED is taking the upper hand in the lighting industry and is taking over more traditional forms of lighting.

What are the advantages of retrofitting?


The three main advantages of LED retrofitting are that there are energy efficient, cost less to maintain and improve the quality of lighting. The one tip we give to most of our readers is when it comes to electrical jobs like retrofitting, it is better to leave this in the hands of professionals because they know their way around.

  1. More energy efficient– if you retrofit your old lighting system with more efficient LED lights, this can save you up to 80% of your annual energy cost. Even though the price of LED and changing your old lighting may be a bit steep, trust us when we say it will pay for itself in the future.
  2. Reduce maintenance costs– your average traditional light burns for about 1000 hours will an LED light will burn for more than 5 times that and can last anywhere from 50 000 to 100 000 hours. It is not only good for your wallet/purse but also for the environment as it produces less carbon footprint.
  3. Distribute lights evenly– LED lights are of higher quality than your traditional light because they make objects appear as though they are under natural light and it highs a higher target area. The increase in the level of light will not only make the place safer but also give it a more aesthetically pleasing look and add a nice touch to your exterior.

Things you need to consider

Because they use new and innovative technologies, LED lights work a bit differently from your traditional lighting fixture. So, these are the things you might want to consider before retrofitting your facility with LED is that the hardware that dims LED lights aren’t usually compatible with traditional lighting. You’ll need new LED dimmers to go along with your new bulbs.


Retrofitting existing fixtures can be really restrictive, and if you want new designs, you might have to change the only fixture, which might run on the more expensive side. Currently, most LED lights on the market are compatible with older fixtures, but this is slowly changing with advancing technologies.

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