If you are a bibliophile and self-proclaimed bookworm like me, your bookshelf is either exceptionally well organized or chaotic because you have too much book and haven’t found an aesthetic to stick to yet. I was the latter for a while until I discovered the perfect way to organize my bookshelf, and since then, my bookshelf game has never been the same. Yes, I know you love all your books, and this is why it’s challenging to organize your bookshelf, but I also know part of why you don’t want to organize it is sheer laziness, so let’s change this and make your bookshelf the focal point of your room. Follow our guide and you will end up with a perfectly organized, decorated and aesthetically pleasing bookshelf.

Arrange by color




If you want to get an Instagram-worthy bookshelf, then one way to do this is to organize your books according to their colors. You can create a color-blocked bookshelf by arranging similar color books with their spines facing outwards, of course. You can play with this too; you can arrange your books according to their size, but what’s more fun and to give it a more eclectic yet composed vibe, arrange it by color by varying heights. You can even stack your books vertically, again with the spine facing outwards, have fun with this; you can even have a rainbow bookshelf by arranging your books according to the color of the rainbow; the sun is the limit with this.

Add fairy lights and memorabilia.

bookish items

Fairy lights can make everything look better; arrange your fairy lights all the coroner of your bookshelf and let them work their magic. Fairy lights are a great addition to your bookshelf as they highlight the presence of the bookshelf in the room. You should also add some memorabilia to your shelves like vases or flower pots that have the insignia of your favorite book series or even plants. You can have fun with this part too, decorate the bookshelf with the things you like. If you are subscribed to any monthly book subscription like OwlCrate, you will receive bookish items each month, and you can decorate your bookshelf with those, or if you are picky like me, then Etsy is filled with book memorabilia.

Change it when you want


You don’t have to stick to one aesthetic when it comes to your bookshelf; this is what makes it one of the most versatile pieces of furniture out there; when you are decorating it, make it movable, so when you want to change up its looks next time you can. As with life, nothing should be constant as this causes boredom; let your creative juices run free and rearrange your bookshelf whenever you want and however it pleases you.

Leave it empty


If you don’t own books, this is one idea: a bookshelf can make a room pop, thus paint the back of the bookshelf a bright color, add a vase or flower pot on it, and let the bookshelf do so the talking. As argued earlier, it is very versatile furniture and can be a state piece. And what’s more unexpected than an empty bookshelf? This is a definite conversation starter and will make you look edgy and will give an alt vibe to the room. It is a very minimalist way of decorating a bookshelf. It is worlds from my current bookshelf but is a good idea for people trying to decorate a room on a budget.

Whatever you do, as long as you love the way the bookshelf looks, then you are golden. Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what’s your favorite book.