Are you tired of your plain-looking home and need a change, then the best way to start this out is with your doors. There are numerous door types out there, but one of the most fashionable and in-trend doors right now is French doors. But what are they exactly, and what do they entail?

Well, worry not because we are here, and we’ll help introduce you to the world of french doors. It will be your gateway or door to a whole new world. Your doors are a representation of the overall vibe and aesthetics of your home and give people a foresight into what lies inside your home.

What are French Doors?


They are also known as french windows and are doors that come in varying sizes that are made up of panels of glasses. Traditionally, they come in pairs and are on hinges that are either out-swing or in-swing. They can be used as both interior and exterior doors and usually link two rooms with each other, and this is usually two adjacent rooms next to each other.

They are typically used to join the living room and dining room together, and the door enables the separation and opening of these spaces as one wishes. They are also used succinctly to give one easy access to their patio, gardens, and/or balconies.

Who are the inventor and history?


According to historians, we haven’t found one fixed person who invented them, but they are deeply rooted in French history. They were originally created during the Renaissance period in France, thus giving them their name; people during that time wanted more glass in their homes because this allowed more light and airflow through their home and was a dire need for the summer period because during those days AC was not created.

It is said that the inspiration for this door comes from Italian Renaissance architecture, which emphasized symmetry and light. This style migrated to France after the Great Italian War. These doors weren’t only for aesthetics but also allowed more natural light in and gained popularity with the increased availability of glasses.

Pros of French doors:

It adds a ‘je ne sais quoi’ (I don’t know what) to your room and has many advantages. These advantages are:

    • Brings or lets in more natural light
    • Creates a flow in your home- it allows adjoining rooms to connect and close off depending on your needs and wants.
    • Expands your warm-weather living space by opening up spaces like patio, garden, or balcony.
    • Let sunshine in and doesn’t let warmth escape which is necessary if you live in an area that gets especially cold, and during summers, it lets light in without letting the coldness of the AC escape.
    • Lightweight
    • Make your space looks bigger/increase your sense of space.

Cons of French doors:

    • More windows to clean and take care of
    • More expensive than sliding doors
    • Provide minimal privacy
    • Requires floor space for it to be functional

Different types of French Door

    • Exterior French doors
    • Interior French doors
    • Narrow French doors
    • Steel-framed French doors
    • uPVC French doors
    • Wooden French doors

Final thoughts


For me, the advantages trump the disadvantages because French doors bring an allure to your place and give your home a more Downtown Abby vibe. However, the price may deter some people from considering it as a viable opinion but trust me, it’s worth it, especially if you are going for Victorian and dark academia aesthetic.

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