Do you want to change your flooring? Is it possible to lay parquet over carpet? The answer to this question is below! There are several options available to you, including parquet.

The Different Types of Parquet To Lay On a Carpet

Since carpet can be used as an insulating underlay, it is good to support parquet. Laminate and floating parquet are excellent for this purpose. Among other things, it improves thermal and acoustic insulation. Whether laminate or floating parquet, the wood strips must be laid on joists. These must first be fixed to the floor.

The Type of Carpet Suitable for a Parquet Installation

A carpet can have a short or long pile. The installation of parquet on a carpet with long pile is almost impossible. Your floor may degrade and move quickly.

On the other hand, on a short-pile carpet, parquet can be installed to improve thermal comfort. In addition, short-pile carpeting provides good stability for your floor covering.

Installing parquet on carpet is also a simple operation. Simply interlock the individual planks to cover the entire surface of the room. Before you start installing carpet flooring, make sure the floor is clean. Take advantage of this to carry out the anti-mite treatment of your floor. This will extend the life of your new floor covering, namely parquet.

The Process of Installing Parquet on Carpet

Parquet installation on carpet begins with dusting with a vacuum cleaner. To allow the wood to get used to the room’s humidity level:

Store the floor at least 24 hours before installation.

In the floating parquet, remember to check that it has the right thickness.

If it is not the case, do the necessary.

Make sure that the floorboards are installed perpendicular to the windows when installing the floorboards. The first board should be installed along a straight wall. Don’t forget to leave room for expansion joints. To do this, use spacers every 30cm. To simplify the installation of the next floorboard, the use of a glue fillet on the floorboard groove is recommended. Be aware that the groove of the board should not be installed on the wall side. If there is excess glue, rub it off with a sponge or damp cloth. Proceed in the same way until you reach the last row. In the end, place the baseboards, and you’re done.

The most significant advantage of opting to lay parquet over carpet is that it provides good insulation for the floor. It also helps to maintain a specific temperature in the room. Compared to other floor renovation solutions, installing parquet over carpet is not expensive.

For a standard installation, do not hesitate to contact a specialized company. To get an idea of the actual cost of the work, ask for one or more estimates. Take the time to get information from your friends and ask them to recommend a professional. They will be able to advise you on the floor maintenance.