Adding a skylight to your home is always an appealing and superb idea; it lets more natural light in and cuts down the cost of electricity while improving the look of your home. During those harsh Australian summer days, you can even open your skylight if it is ventilating to let fresh air in, making your home less stuffy and more breathable. This guide has everything you need to know about fixing skylights, and we always advise people to hit up a professional instead of DIYing these types of jobs.

Clean the area of work


Before you do anything, you have to clean the area where your skylight is. Prep the area surrounding it and make sure that it is free of dirt and grime that might interfere with the fixing process. You can do this by using a small brush or broom, be careful, and sweeping the roof near the skylight. This sounds like granted but be careful while getting on the roof. There might be sticks, leaves, and twigs trapped on the single, and you need to get rid of them so that you don’t trip on them later down the line. So, gently get under the singles and get rid of and sweep away all the debris. Remember, don’t use too much force with the shingles, as they might snap in two. If you are removing the debris by hand, please use a pair of gloves for your own sake. Now you are ready for the next part! This process is to ensure the smooth running of the repair process and helps avoid any accidents.

Check the flashing


When your skylight is installed, metal flashings are fitted around it to estimate leaks. These flashings are nailed to the skylight and fitted tightly so that water doesn’t run under them. Of course, this applies if you hired a professional company to install your skylight. They are also usually connected to the roof with some roofing components. If there is a leak in your skylight, you can determine this by checking whether the flashing is installed correctly or if the compound is too loose from the roof, and this usually occurs over time. Check the entire perimeter of the metal flashing and look for edges that are sticking out or are nailed incorrectly to the side of the skylight.


You can easily repair this by using a caulk gun and a tube of roofing cement. Apply even pressure on the gun and pour it along the portion of the flashing that’s coming away from the skylight edge. Continue to apply the past until there are no visible gaps and the flashings are sealed. Use a trowel to smooth the cement over the entire area and gently tip of the caulk gun under the shingle where the flashing is connected to the roof paper. Apply pressure on them, and it should do the job. If you are unable to do this, just call a professional who will do this job for you in no time.

Look around the glass.


It is also possible to see leakage around the glass, so you need to check where the skylight glass meets the window trim or the edge; and this will give you an indication of the problem area and will tell you how to fix this issue. Gaps may have been left during the installation process, or the silicone broke away due to heat and time. They are very susceptible to wear and tear and extreme weather conditions. If you see any obvious gaps in the window, then this is where your leakage is coming from, and this can be easily fixed with clear silicone.

Contact a professional!

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