Choosing a garage door requires careful consideration because it is essential for any home. This article will show you a wide range of garage doors with their advantages and disadvantages. You can then choose the one that suits you the most with its advantages and disadvantages.

Should You Choose an Automatic Garage Door?

An automatic garage door aims to control the opening and closing of your garage remotely through remote control. It makes it easier for you to open and close your garage door without having to get out of your car to do it manually. Moreover, it is secure since the control of its locking system is entirely yours. To increase your security, you can choose an automatic door whose motor is equipped with a counter-push function against burglary attempts. Then, this system is very discreet because it is less noisy than a manual door.

It is available in several materials. There is PVC which is a light, fragile and maintenance-free material. The garage door can be made of aluminum. This material is trendy, resistant, and requires no maintenance. It can also be made of wood, which offers more insulation and aesthetics, but requires some care. In addition, an automatic garage door can be made of steel. However, it has low insulation.

Is a Sectional Garage Door a Good Idea?

A sectional garage door is suitable for a garage open to the street, as it does not protrude from the outside. It is composed of horizontal panels, hinged together and folded laterally into the ceiling or rolled around a drum. It can be motorized and is perfect for small garages, as it takes up little space. However, the cost of a sectional garage door is quite expensive.

The opening of the sectional garage door can be, on the one hand, vertical, known for its convenience and its high insulation capacity. On the other hand, lateral, which occupies the entire height of the garage for its opening and provides integrated access for pedestrians.

What About an Overhead Garage Door?

An overhead garage door has a single piece that swings up on rails using a counterweight. Thus, it opens vertically inwards and parallels to the ground. It is advantageous in terms of strength, optimization of exterior space, and cost because it is affordable. It can also be motorized. Moreover, it is available in 2 types: the overhanging one for garages opening on a large courtyard and the non-overhanging one for those at the curb.

The overhead garage door can be made of different materials, such as metal which is solid and resistant, it requires little maintenance, but it has poor insulation. Then there is wood which offers stability to the door, but it requires regular maintenance to be effective. And if you are looking for a material that is qualified as a good insulator for an overhead garage door, you can choose PVC.

Is a Swinging Garage Door a Good Option?

A swinging garage door or the French garage door has two leaves that open to the outside of the garage. It is made of wood, steel, or PVC slats assembled. Most often, it is made of steel or PVC. In terms of advantages, a swinging garage door is inexpensive and avoids cluttering up the garage’s interior. However, it is not suitable for roadside garages, and its insulation capacity is poor.

When To Choose a Folding Garage Door?

A folding garage door has many panels that fold together along a track installed on the floor. It is an ideal choice for those with a small budget. But it is not very aesthetic and requires a lot of space to open. Moreover, it is impossible to motorize its opening.

For the design, manufacture, and installation of your custom garage door, call on a company specializing in supplying exterior woodwork.