Flooring is an integral part of interior design. As for the choice, there are many options available to you, even if tiles remain a timeless choice. If you’ve opted for this material, discover our tips to help you find the right model.

Check Tile Standards

As attractive as tile may be, note that it may not suit your intended use. Tiles are subject to a UPEC standard, which determines the material’s resistance to mechanical and chemical action. In this context, U is the value of resistance to trampling, that is, the impact of scratches and abrasions on the tile’s surface. The index P stands for punching. Its value indicates the resistance of the material to mechanical action. E is the indicator of the effects of moisture on the tile, and C is the index of resistance to chemical agents. The higher the values of these indicators, the more durable the flooring will be. Note, for example, that a high-traffic room should have a U3 or U4 rating.

The PEI and MOHS ratings can be used to complement these references, knowing that these are the indicators for abrasion and scratch resistance. Be aware that the standard listed usually depends on the origin of the product, but referring to one is sufficient to choose.

Choose a Based on Your Taste

For two different models with identical standards, the purchase of tiles is based on your taste. Indeed, the material often affects the appearance of the product.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic is obtained by firing earth, clay, or sandstone. The resulting product is terracotta or porcelain stoneware tiles. In addition to being available in many finishes and colors, this type of tile is one of the most resistant on the market.

Natural Stone Tiles

This type of tile is also appreciated for its durability. For a natural look, choose granite or slate tiles. Stone such as marble allows you to have a chic look. The terrazzo is the ideal coating to go in the luxurious and original side. It is a tile composed of different pieces of rock, including granite, marble, etc., bound by cement and then polished to give a shiny appearance.

Match Your Decorating Style

For your tile to match your decor, you will need to consider the finishes (color, patterns, etc.), the size of the tile, the installation method. Currently, the trend in flooring is XXL tiles, to be laid diagonally. Opt for octagonal tiles if you want to have an open space while creating a visual separation. Choose patterns and attractive colors to help accentuate the separation effect and add a decorative touch.

In terms of wall covering, mosaics and earthenware are to be preferred. Here again, colors are the way to go to brighten up your decor. However, opt for a straight installation to avoid having a too busy effect. If you like the vintage style, turn to subway tiles. These are rectangular tiles with beveled edges and brick-sized tiles laid horizontally. This tile style is mainly found in the bathroom and on the kitchen credenza.

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Opt For Easy-care Tiles

Ease of maintenance is the main reason most people choose tile. In general, porcelain stoneware is the easiest to clean, knowing that the surface is perfectly smooth and non-porous.