Furniture is all the furniture used daily in a home. In addition to its practical use, furniture is also a decorative element. Over a long period of use, these deteriorate little by little. If replacement is necessary for this situation, some people prefer to restore it for financial reasons or just out of affection for their old furniture.

Why Choose Restoration?

If some people decide to have old furniture repaired instead of replaced, it is not necessarily for lack of budget. It may be that these pieces have an emotional value to them. The old furniture is also one of the classic items that art enthusiasts love. They reflect originality and bring back a sense of nostalgia for the older ones.

How Is Furniture Restored?

To restore a piece of furniture to its former elegance, furniture restorers use different techniques and restore the shine to the soiled parts.


Stripping consists in getting rid of irregularities or signs of wear on a surface. In the case of wooden furniture, it is to remove the old layer of protection to apply a new one. There are different stripping techniques: mechanical stripping using machines or abrasive materials; and chemical stripping requiring stripping products.


Upholstering consists in stuffing a piece of furniture (sofa, chair, etc.) with a specific material. The effect gives a good consistency to the revised surface, thus restoring comfort.


Caned furniture is furniture whose frame and back are woven cane fibers. It is a trend that has been very successful in the past and continues to seduce many enthusiasts. The complexity and elegance of caning require considerable skill and meticulousness.


Straw furniture has been around since ancient times, which may explain our fascination with it. It is similar to caning, except that here, the straw is laid out to form the base of the furniture. The re-potters select the best materials for an optimized aesthetic and practical result.

Why Call Upon a Craftsman?

The Know-how

Restoring an antique object is a skill that requires a lot of knowledge and mastery. Indeed, even if one has recent equipment, it is inconceivable to reproduce the techniques of the old times, which guarantee the originality of a work. The transmission of knowledge by his elders has allowed the artisan restorer to master the different repair techniques he uses perfectly.

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A craftsman is always distinguished by his ability to perform several tasks. In this context, the professional can restore all types of furniture: chairs, tables, shelves, etc. He is also skilled in using various materials such as wood, cane fiber, or straw.

A Good Investment

In general, repairing is much less expensive. And as far as furniture is concerned, there is a double advantage. In addition to saving a considerable amount of money in purchasing new furniture, you have the luxury of owning authentic and timeless items. Older pieces give a classic style to the interior decoration, and their value is even more accentuated if they are kept in good condition. Thanks to the work of craftsmen, one can maintain the excellent condition of these relics.