Glass floors are a great addition to any home, but many people are afraid that they might shatter and break under their weight. But glass floors aren’t made with traditional glass; they are made with reinforced glasses that can carry up to 400 kg per square meter. So, fear not, they won’t break, and you might want to consider them for your home because they are really trendy now.

Glass floor tiles will make your home pop and will give it a more modern vibe, and this will make your home look fun and aesthetically pleasing. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the reasons why you might consider glass floors for your home and which rooms to place them in.

Why consider glass floors?

Glass floor tiles bring a touch of modernity and elegance to any interior. This trendy installation offers an unmistakable effect and a truly contemporary style. One of the positive points is the spacious effect that glass floor tiles provide.

The volumes seem to be multiplied for a neat and clean design. Also, glass plays with the light that can diffuse in darker spaces. But the brightness of natural light is also essential for our morale! Using less artificial light is an ecological initiative and a saving for your wallet.

In what room would glass floors Pop?

The next step is to determine where to place our glass floor and what material to choose. Indeed, a glass floor that meets the standards must be composed of one or more glass tiles (tempered and laminated) and accompanied by a meticulous installation.

Beyond the aesthetic aspect and the light well effect, glass, once installed, is a solid and safe material. A glass floor tile can be installed in different areas of the house to brighten up a space or highlight an emblematic room.

1. The Kitchen

In some homes, the kitchen is located right above a wine cellar. This is the perfect opportunity to install a glass floor tile that will showcase your most beautiful bottles and add a lot of character to your kitchen. It’s also a good way to let light into your cellar if you haven’t considered appropriate lighting.

2. The living room

The living room will allow us to put forward various elements. First, it will enlarge the room with an optical effect and can enhance a billiard room located under your living room, for example. It could even more, sublimate this room if it is placed under a roof window.

Especially if the living room or a work or relaxation room is located upstairs, also, it would be perfectly suited to a room with little light, such as a library that is sometimes plunged into darkness. Ideally placed, the glass floor tile will act as a halo of light and transform your room prodigiously.

3. Upstairs


It is possible to opt for a staircase with glass steps to create a path of light. Glass floor tiles can also be installed on the first floor, in the hallway leading to the bedrooms, with opal glass to maintain discretion in your home if you receive guests for example especially if this space overlooks the entrance or the living room.

4. The bathroom

Glass floor tiles can also dress up your bathroom. There’s nothing like sprinkling this cocooning room with a chic floor that reflects the shadows of the water. Some glass floor tiles are even customizable to best suit the mood you want to give to each space.

5The bedrooms

Also, the bedrooms can be dressed with glass floor tiles. Think of the main suite worthy of the name with a glass space leading to a bathroom, for example. It’s up to you to choose glass that won’t reveal too much of your privacy.

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