Much appreciated for its beauty, leather is a very warm material, particularly in vogue this year. It is exquisite and has a certain uniqueness. Why not use this material with its noble appearance and pleasant touch to cover your floor?

The Characteristics of Leather Flooring

Leather is a natural material that is generally associated with warmth and luxury. Leather can be used as a floor covering, but it must be attached to a support, which makes this covering quite thick. Its total thickness can vary from 7 to 12 mm. The application of a stain and water repellent treatment will also be necessary. Most often, this is already done by the company that markets it. Once the leather flooring is installed, it must be protected by a layer of varnish or wax.

The Different Supports of Leather Flooring

Generally, leather flooring takes the form of elaborate tiles on a wooden backing. It is available in different sizes, just like the tile, and it is possible to order custom-made tiles. There are also slats, similar to parquet, covered with leather. Indeed, the leather used to dress these supports is of superior quality, very thick, like bull leather. Generally, the leather is at least 2 mm thick, ensuring good resistance. Combined with the tile or the complete slat, it can reach the thickness of a tile or a parquet floor.

The Advantages

An Original Covering

There is no doubt that leather has certain advantages in originality and aesthetics. In addition to being a natural material, it offers an inimitable cachet to your interior.

An Easy Maintenance

Contrary to what one might think, leather is easy to maintain. Once it has been treated with a stain and water repellent treatment, and once it has been entirely varnished, you only need to rub it with a slightly damp cloth or a mop to clean it. It will regain all its shine. However, it is essential to remember that leather flooring must be protected from light.

A Comfortable Floor

Leather flooring is very comfortable. Leather is trendy because of its softness. In addition, it has a charming feel and gives a warm atmosphere to the room. This makes it ideal for relaxing spaces such as bedrooms or living rooms.

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The Disadvantages

A High Price

Opting for leather upholstery can have some disadvantages. And the main one is its price. To afford it, you need to spend about 300 euros per m². High-quality or large leather coverings can cost more than 500 euros per m².

Limited Production

In addition, very few craftsmen offer the manufacture of leather flooring.

Frequency of Use To Be Minimized

Leather flooring is suitable for low-traffic areas. Avoid laying it in the entrance hall to prevent it from wearing out more quickly. It is also not recommended to use leather in bathrooms.