Flooring is an essential element in giving an excellent look to the interior decoration of your home. However, there is a wide variety of flooring available. To help you make the right decision, read this article.

Selection Criteria

It is true that when choosing a floor covering, you are guided by your taste, your style. But you have to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each flooring. In this case, it is more astute to make a list of materials to compare them and more easily make your choice. The criteria to consider are look, maintenance, wear rate, quality, insulation performance, price, and installation. Apart from these criteria, the choice also depends on the room you will install the flooring.

The Different Types of Flooring


Tile is a classic flooring that is often preferred because of its sturdiness and its wide choice of models and colors. It is easy to install and maintain and can be used in any room in the house. There are tiles made of stone slabs which are an absolute pleasure for the eyes. The advantage of tiles is that they are long-lasting. However, it gives a rather cold atmosphere to the room.


Carpet is a model that provides comfort and a warm atmosphere at an affordable price. It is easy to install and maintain and offers excellent thermal and acoustic comfort. Carpet is a very healthy floor covering because it traps dust and allergens in its fibers instead of letting them spread throughout the room. And to remove them, simply vacuum regularly.


Laminate is a covering composed of a layer of agglomerated wood fiber affixed to a decoration: wood pattern, tiles, etc. It is then covered with a layer of wood fiber that is not covered by a carpet and a layer of melamine finish to offer a better resistance to wear. Its main advantage is its price, which is lower than tiles.

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This covering allows you to have a patterned floor at an attractive price. In addition, there are imitations of other types of flooring. Vinyl flooring is often composed of dozens of planks laid side by side. However, there are other options, such as vinyl tiles or wide strips in rolls. In addition to this, vinyl offers good sound insulation and wear resistance.


Parquet is the warmest floor covering. Referred to as hardwood flooring, parquet comprises any wood and a top layer of solid wood. There are several types of parquet: traditional, strip, laminate, and laminate.


This is a preferred flooring for the bathroom or kitchen. It has the advantage of being elegant and catching the light, allowing it to illuminate a room easily. However, it is a rather expensive coating.

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Cork is used to make 100% natural flooring. It keeps the floor at an ideal temperature all year round. In addition to being easy to maintain, it reduces noise. However, it has some disadvantages, such as discoloration when exposed to strong sunlight and specific products for its maintenance.