The false ceiling is the element that we often neglect when we carry out interior renovation work. However, it deserves all our attention because it is an essential element for the comfort in the house. Indeed, it contributes to improving the insulation of a home.

Not all types of false ceilings have the same performance and qualities. In our opinion, the stretch ceiling is undoubtedly the one to be preferred. Let us explain why.

What Is It?

The false ceiling comes in two types: suspended and stretched. The stretch ceiling is a flexible film that can cover the ceiling. It can be made of fabric, PVC, or polyurethane. It is a ceiling covering for aesthetic and technical use in concrete terms. Its elasticity allows it to cover the entire ceiling length without being cut.

It differs from the suspended ceiling in its installation. The fabric is fixed to the walls. It is smoothed to take the shape of the ceiling.

Put like that, the installation of a stretch ceiling looks simple. However, it requires a minimum of know-how and suitable materials to achieve a perfect installation. In addition, the film can easily tear before it is installed. So, to limit the damage, it is better to call a stretch ceiling installer.

Although it requires the intervention of a professional, the installation of a stretch ceiling is faster than that of a suspended ceiling because no vital work is necessary before and during the installation.

How Is It Aesthetic?

If there is one quality that the stretch ceiling should boast, it is undoubtedly its aestheticism. Indeed, it is printable and offers a range of finishes.

Moreover, it can create a play of light thanks to its polished surface and thus offers a warm atmosphere in the room. It is recommended to put it in the living room or the dining room to bring a chic touch.

What Are Its Technical Performances?

The first technical quality of a stretch ceiling is its thermal and phonic performance. This capacity is mainly due to the PVC contained in the film. Indeed, PVC is known to have excellent thermal conductivity and to be able to absorb noises.

In addition, the installation of a stretch ceiling lowers the height under the ceiling. This means less heat loss. So if you want to improve the insulation in a room, choose this false ceiling.

In addition, thanks to its physical properties (fireproof; UV resistant, fungicidal), the life span of a stretch ceiling is longer than the average life span of ceiling coverings.

We also note that the stretch ceiling is a very hygienic ceiling covering. Indeed, it is very resistant to dust and is easy to maintain. In addition, a thermoplastic fabric can ensure the waterproofing of the ceiling, thanks to its resistance to moisture. Thus, the stretch ceiling can be installed in wet rooms like the bathroom and kitchen.

Five Good Reasons to Choose Stretch Ceilings | No Grey Area

Where To Find It?

This fabric is generally manufactured in a factory because it results from several chemical transformations. It is sold in interior design stores.

It is also possible to obtain a custom-made canvas. But for this, you will have to call upon a craftsman specialized in the realization of stretch ceiling fabric or order it from a supplier. The price of a custom-made material will be higher than that of a prefabricated fabric.

In any case, a stretch ceiling is less expensive than any other false ceiling because of the price of the material and the cost of installation. Therefore, you will be able to benefit from an aesthetic and performing ceiling at a very reasonable price. This is not obvious with other ceiling models.