Choosing the right type of gate and window means knowing how to secure and beautify your home. A sliding bay window can offer these advantages. Moreover, it brings luminosity to a room without condemning the living space. We have prepared this article to convince you to opt for this device.

Equip your bay window with the right accessories

1. Shutters


Choose roller shutters for optimal security. The shutters serve as a burglary retarder. They are generally equipped with anti-tear, anti-pick, and anti-lift systems. On the other hand, you can choose sliding shutters if you want to bring a design aspect to your façade.

As for their location, install them on the outside to protect you against break-ins. Moreover, this protects the bay window from shocks caused by hail or stones. You can also install them inside to personalize the decor of your rooms. Interior shutters work as a light regulator by providing an elegant and subdued atmosphere.

Their sliding and louvered aspects are also seen as decorative elements. To guarantee your security, call on a carpenter to install your shutters. The shutters are parts to be fixed inside the bay window to prevent it from opening completely. These elements consist in seeing the other side and preventing burglars from getting inside your home.

2. The tilt and turn opening

Opt for this opening system to allow the upper part of the bay to be opened. I prefer the installation on a horizontal or vertical axis to the classic installation for more practicality.

3. The locking system


This system is fixed inside the sliding rail to block the sash.

4. Burglar resistant glazing

It is also called burglar-resistant glass. It comes in the form of laminated glass. The thickness and number of glass sheets and polyvinyl butyral films define this type of glazing resistance. It follows the EN 356 standard to offer two levels of security: Level 1 for anti-vandalism protection and level 2 for protection against conventional break-ins. In addition, this glass does not shatter in case of impact, regardless of its intensity. Only a few minor surface cracks can be observed. You can add a glazing film if you wish.

5. Choose the sliding door system


Opt for this opening system if you want to conceal the leaves in the thickness of the wall. In other words, the sliding window allows you to save space. It blends perfectly with contemporary decor or tile flooring. They are usually made of aluminum or wood.

Opt for a custom-made bay window

By customizing your bay window, you have the option of combining a fixed leaf with sliding leaves. An optional full-width transom can also be installed to fill the gap between the ceiling and the door. Several materials are available for a custom-made bay window. As a common point, they come in several colors.



PVC is weather resistant. A sponge is enough to maintain it. Moreover, microorganisms cannot proliferate on this material thanks to its recyclable character. A custom-made PVC bay window also has several decors to resemble wood or aluminum.


An aluminum bay window is both very designed and resistant. It does not rust and does not undergo deformation with time. Moreover, no particular maintenance is necessary. Contact a specialist in aluminum joinery installation to do the work.



A custom-made bay window made of wood provides an authentic and warm atmosphere. It is available in different finishes on the market. However, it is necessary to maintain it regularly and treat the wood species from time to time to make it resistant and avoid its rotting.

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