Installing a staircase is simply imperative for a multi-story home. This doesn’t mean that you have to put in a grotesque structure just for the sake of functionality. Far from it, you can play as much on the aesthetics as on its practicality. To do this, you have many options, including the openwork railing. Better known as a “balustrade”, it consists of a balusters line between a base and a shelf.

A baluster is an architectural element that has a bulging shape. It is made from stone, marble, or wood in most cases. In principle, to find the balustrade of your dreams, it is recommended that you call a professional in the sector. In addition, it can be installed indoors and/or outdoors.

The Basics of Stone Balustrade

A balustrade can be made from stone. Depending on the tastes and expectations of customers, they can choose between natural stone and reconstituted stone. For the first type of stone, you have a wide choice: marble, Dordogne stone, granite, or white limestone. As for the reconstituted stone, it concerns the rocks which comprise a binder. This choice depends essentially on what the customer is looking for. For example, if he wishes to obtain a pink balustrade, he can opt for models in Dordogne stone or granite.

The Different Functions of a Balustrade

Whether you choose a wooden, metal, or stone balustrade, you can install this system to ensure your safety. It can be used as a height protection, a safety barrier, a garden barrier, a pet barrier, a parking barrier, or a construction barrier. To find the model that meets your expectations, you can contact a company specialized in the sector.