You have probably already noticed the presence of green plant deposits on your roof. You must get rid of them as soon as possible because they cause certain malfunctions in your roof.

Origin of Moss and Lichen on the Roof

First of all, you should know that the roof is one of the essential elements of a house and the most exposed to the weather. Moss and lichen form over the years and in a naturally abundant way on your roof. Moss is a chlorophyllous plant from tree spores, while lichen is a fungus.

The primary factor that promotes the growth of moss is moisture. When the material is too porous, water infiltrates more quickly and will thus increase the humidity level. The weather is also a factor. The colder and wetter the area, the more mosses will grow. The lack of sunlight favors the development of this plant. The proximity of trees also plays a significant role in the proliferation of moss. For this reason, it is advisable to prune trees and branches to avoid any shady areas on the roof. The roof slope must also be taken into account because if the slope is low, there is a risk of water accumulation.

Reasons Why It Should Be Remedied

The presence of moss and lichen will considerably harm the aesthetics of your roof as well as your house. In addition to this aspect, the invasion of these plants impacts the durability of the roof and your home. Over the years, if your roof is not maintained correctly, it can cause significant damage to the roof and lead to many problems. Without prompt removal of moss, moss will continue to grow and impact the waterproofing of your roof. This problem can lead to water infiltration in the house. The humidity can also reach your ceilings, which will force you to do essential repair works. In addition, the tiles may come off in case of a storm or strong winds. It is then necessary to be very careful because the more these plants develop on your roof, the more it becomes porous and loses its sealing.

The Various Methods of Defoaming

Roof de-mossing is the complete maintenance step. It gets rid of all moss, lichen, and mold. It aims to clean and treat the roof’s surface to make it more aesthetic and strengthen its waterproofing. To proceed with the removal of moss from a roof, it is recommended to call a roofing specialist to avoid problems. To do this, there are 2 techniques.

Manual Defoaming

This is the simplest technique because it eliminates the moss by simple manual brushing. But it requires a lot of effort and may worsen the condition of your roof. The friction due to the brushing is likely to deteriorate the materials, increasing their porosity even more.

Chemical Defoaming

Chemical defoaming is a more appropriate solution that gives better results without damaging the roofing materials. It consists in applying a product with a sprayer. The latter allows a complete elimination of all moss, algae and fungi on your roof in only a few minutes. A rinse with a water jet will allow you to find a perfectly clean roof on all its surface.