Shoe Rack

Sometimes, interior design seems complicated, because several details are to be considered. The decoration, the aesthetics, and the cleanliness of each room are included.
To bring a perfect touch to your interior, find here the guide to choosing the proper shoe storage.

The Style of the Furniture

The style and design of a piece of furniture must be taken into account to match the room. For example, if the room is brightly colored, the color of the furniture should be chosen accordingly.

Indeed, there are several models of shoeboxes (sliding, hanging, expandable, etc.). You also have the choice between various types of shoe furniture, namely:

– the shoe rack: in general, this type of storage should be placed on top of a wardrobe, but you can change its place according to your needs. For more aesthetics, put the shoes next to each other;

– boot rack: this one has vertical rods, which are suitable for all types of shoes, especially those with a significant height (waders, boots, and work shoes);

– Shoe storage bag:
this is the right solution for those who have a lot of shoes. It’s a stretchy synthetic fabric storage, easily fitted in a wardrobe, behind a door, or in the dressing room;

– the shoe cabinet: this one represents the same utility as the storage cover. Thanks to its variable size compartments, this furniture is perfect for storing both adults’ and children’s shoes.

Depending on the size of your room and the storage capacity you need, you can choose from these four types of furniture. You can also opt for more than one piece of storage furniture if you don’t want to cram your shoes into one place.

Selection Criteria

Before buying a storage unit, consider the capacity that suits your needs.

Also, consider the aesthetics for a better visual effect.

Finally, if you want to place your storage unit in a visible place, think about its finish. Choose furniture made of precious wood or aluminum.

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The Cost of Shoe Storage

In general, the cost of the storage unit varies according to the material and the model chosen. The larger the capacity of the shoe cabinet, the higher the price, ranging from 2,000 € to about 4,000 €. Therefore, the choice of a storage unit depends on your budget.

In any case, choose adequate storage units that will harmonize your interior decoration.

So, if you want to have a well-arranged house, do not hesitate to choose adequate and personalized storage units.