Have you just bought a piece of land and want to build a new house? If you are looking for inspiration for the style of your new home, you are in the right place. In this article, we offer you some ideas so that you can have a unique and original style for your house. The most popular types are cubic and modern homes.

Cubic house

Currently, the cubic house is one of the most popular styles. Before choosing this home style, you should check with your local municipality to find out what regulations apply. Some cities do not allow this type of construction, so you must consult the local urban plan in your town before starting the work.

The cube house is famous for many reasons. On the one hand, this style brings a touch of modernity and design to your home. By opting for this tilted cube-shaped building, you can have a more aesthetic and comfortable architectural design. Moreover, this style offers you a pleasant and friendly environment with its clean shape and style. To make it even more sophisticated, you can add more offsets.

On the other hand, the cube house is designed with a flat roof, which is entirely usable construction. For example, you can transform your roof into a terrace or garden. Moreover, this type of roof is more resistant than others and is accessible at a reasonable price. This style of house with straight lines can also be built on floor or ground level. However, it is preferable to have an upper floor if you have a high enough budget to have more space and enjoy the view through your windows and bay windows if you decide to install them.

Modern House

When choosing a home-style, the modern home is one of the best options. In the housing world, this construction style has been an enormous success. The contemporary home has been appealing to many people for several years. Indeed, its strong point lies in the enhancement of your surroundings.

The design of a modern house must be done with care because every detail plays a vital role in the success of this project. In this aspect, it is essential to entrust the work to experts in this field.

In addition, the modern house offers a very aesthetic appearance and exceptional comfort. Whether you choose a home with or without floors, it is often characterized by a flat roof, an open and bright space. To have an open space and good lighting, this type of building is usually designed with bay windows. In addition, besides the aesthetic aspect that brings the installation of these, the bay windows also allow to obtain a better insulation not only in terms of thermal insulation, but also in terms of sound insulation. This makes it possible to keep the temperature inside the house constant and reduce unwanted noise. But that’s not all, bay windows allow you to communicate with the outside and enjoy a beautiful view of the landscape or your garden.

Also, when choosing colors for your new modern home, from the outside, you can opt for two or three different colors at most. For this, opt for natural and neutral colors. These will add a touch of vibrancy to your new home.

Lighting Is An Important Design Feature On This Modern House