The modern house is the most popular type of construction today. And for a good reason: its appearance is very attractive: flat roof, minimalist style, spacious rooms, etc. You also want to build one, but you do not yet know what type of woodwork to choose for the layout? Rest assured, by reading this article, and you will easily find the ones that best fit your construction.

Focus on the modern style home


The real distinctive features of the modern house must be defined before talking about the woodwork that would be ideal for this type of house. The modern house stands out perfectly thanks to its shapes and lines. The contemporary style house likes squares and rectangles, the lines are clean, and the angles are well marked in this type of house. It may look simple, but you have to see how it all fits together to appreciate its beauty. A modern style home also has a lot of glass surfaces.

Luxury millwork


The joineries to be installed to corroborate the modernity of construction are generally luxury joineries. And who says luxury says noble materials. For this, many options are offered to you:

  • Large windows: when we talk about modern construction, we usually refer to a house with XXL-sized windows. For a better look, combine them with a veranda. This will bring perfect light into your interior. As for the glazing, choose double or triple glazing to ensure your home’s sound and heat insulation.
  • A large window in your kitchen: accentuates the modernity of the house. It also brings more natural light into the room. To enjoy a beautiful view of the garden, the ideal place for this large window is at the sink.
  • Bay windows: for a beautiful panoramic view of the house, do not hesitate to install bay windows. Whether they are traditional or old-fashioned, they can fit in well with a modern building. The choice will simply depend on your tastes and preferences.

Whatever type of luxury woodwork you choose, be sure to select the material for its manufacture. Generally speaking, aluminium and wood are the most popular due to the authenticity of the design obtained. In addition, they are environmentally friendly materials. Therefore, they are not harmful to health.

A stylish combination of gate and entrance door


Modern construction is characterized by a stylish combination of gate and entrance door. If you want to surprise your guests when you hold a party at your house, this will be a great success. For the gate: choose a sliding model made from aluminium. Offering a wide range of colours, this type of gate can improve the visual aspect of the house. In addition, it is very appreciated for its lightness, ease of handling, and strong resistance to bad weather.

Useful tips:

  • Consider motorizing your aluminium gate for more convenience.
  • Avoid choosing swinging gates, as they are not suitable for the modern house style.

For the front door, the modern house’s woodwork must be in perfect harmony. For this, the material they are made from should be the same. So, if you have opted for an aluminium gate, your front door should also be made of aluminium. However, if you want to break this monotony, you can choose a mixed entrance door. Thus, its interior will be made of wood, while its exterior will be made of aluminium.

Expanding space with an awning


Modern construction is also characterized by an awning. This type of carpentry adds aesthetics to your house and accentuates its modernity. When it comes to the choice of material, nothing beats the quality of aluminium. Add a motorised slatted roof opening to take full advantage of the sun and not be afraid of bad weather.

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