How to Build Your Ideal Stone Fireplace


Home fireplaces are often the focal point of the whole decor when built with suitable material. Stone fireplaces are popular as they bring that classic and timeless charm to the entire room. This post will tell you the importance of building a stone fireplace that matches your tastes and needs.

What type of fireplace do you want to build?

If you want high-quality stonework, unparalleled fitting, and finishing, your options can vary from marble and granite to quartz and stone. However, stone brings an original charm and warmth that any other material cannot match.

Step 1: Choosing between natural and manufactured stone

How to Build Your Ideal Stone Fireplace

• Natural stone has no match for its beautiful colors and variations. Yet, The price can increase when including installations and other features.

• Manufactured stone costs less than natural stone and is easier to install due to weight. It is available in many designs and colors.

Step 2: Choosing between the cut and color

Have you heard of words like Castle-rock or Ledge cut? Every type of cut is different from the other. For example, Castle-rock has giant bed face stones with a more rustic appearance. In contrast, the Ledge cut has a thinner and modern look.

Tip: Bring samples of carpet and paint choices to line up with the stones. This will help you make your decision in the design gallery. If you are still unsure, don’t be hasty! Ask them for samples to take back home, where you can take your time to decide what will best fit your home.

Step 3: Choosing the design

How to Build Your Ideal Stone Fireplace


A typical way to do most stonework is an old masonry look for a flat wall. It incorporates a keystone in the middle and provides a more rustic look. Or, you can include an arch fireplace to give it more depth.

You can opt for a see-thru fireplace if you prefer a more modern look. It gives you options of stone on two different sides of the fireplace.

3.1 Choosing the fireplace hearth

A hearth is the stone slab that sits in front of your fireplace. The hearth protects your floor from radiant heat, sparks, and flying embers. It also protects the place from burning logs that may roll out of the fireplace. But, you can also use the space to set your ash buckets and fireplace tools.

There are four styles to choose from:

1. No Hearth – There is no hearth at all.

2. Raised Firebox – The hearth is below the firebox opening.

3. Flush Hearth – The hearth is at the same level as the firebox opening.

4. Raised Hearth – The hearth is above the firebox opening.

3.2 Do you need a fireplace hearth?

If you are considering a gas-burning fireplace, it does not need a hearth. Yet, most fireplaces are this way. It gives you the look and feel of a traditional wood-burning fireplace. It serves a decorative purpose while being useful for a few things. For instance, defrost your food or when you need extra seating in your room without forgetting the Christmas family portraits while sitting on the hearth.

3.3 Choosing the fireplace door

How to Build Your Ideal Stone Fireplace

3.3.1 Overlap fit fireplace door

An overlap fit door of a three-sided or four-sided frame needs a raised hearth to sit on for support.

3.3.2 Inside-fit fireplace doors

Inside fit doors can fit each of the four styles. In case of any gap between the height of the door and the frame, the installers can apply cement around the door. This way, they will fill in the gaps where recommended or necessary.

Step 4: Choosing the mantel

The fireplace mantel is the chimney piece, just like a hood. Its traditional use was to catch masses of smoke from the chimney. With modern heating methods, it is no longer necessary to have a mantel. Now, the mantel is an ornamental and artistic feature of the fireplace and the room.

It will all depend on your taste. You should choose a color that matches the hearth and the rest of the fireplace. For modern designs, there are floating mantels, while classic looks get more of a wood mantle.

All in all

Choosing the stone for your fireplace will be a decision that will affect the time of your stay in that house. Apart from being the centerpiece of your living area, the fireplace is where you and your family will make memories and have your most cherished moments. Picture the most important holidays like Christmas and New Year or the many lazy Saturdays you and your family will enjoy for decades to come. Your stone fireplace will be the place for family and friends to reunite for your most happy moments.

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