Walls are essential components that define the beauty of a house. Indeed, they are quickly noticeable and stand out better in your house’s interior or exterior decoration. Based on this fact, it is crucial to always maintain your walls. But, how to proceed to preserve the state of your walls better? It is to this question that this article brings clarifications.

Regularly Clean the Walls

A well-maintained wall inevitably attracts the admiration of visitors. But, to produce such an effect, it is not enough to dust the walls of your house. You’ll need to clean these parts of your dealership daily. You can use water, detergent, and a sponge to perform a good cleaning. With these three components, you can effectively wash your walls and remove all stains. To make the walls shinier, you can substitute the classic detergent with hydrochloric acid, bleach, salt, and vinegar.

This way, you can make the walls of your house shine more. However, it should be noted that these tips are not suitable for all types of walls. For example, they work well on walls that are tiled. But, for walls that are covered with washable paint, you risk damaging the condition of your surfaces. In these circumstances, you may want to reduce the cleaning frequency to twice a month. Besides that, you can also use water to wash your walls. This way, your walls will be maintained and able to keep their condition.

Putting a New Coat of Paint on the Walls

Maintaining the walls of a house is not just about cleaning. When the surfaces of your home are filthy, this alternative does not produce good results. To do this, you will need to put a new coat of paint on the walls to make them look better. By using this option, you optimize the maintenance of your walls. But, for a good renovation of the walls, it remains crucial to choose suitable paints. In these circumstances, the ideal is to put oil-based paints. This way, you will restore the beauty and shine of your walls.

Moreover, oil paints are not washable. This way, you can clean your walls with water and any detergent without damaging your surfaces. Except for oil-based paints, you can also use classic washable paint. But, the ideal would be to use this type of paint to cover the walls that are less accessible to the touch. This way, it would be easier to maintain the surfaces of your home. By putting a new paint, your walls will look fresher and prove well maintained.

5 Effective Wall maintenance tips for your home - Professional Home  Inspection, India

Installing Wallpaper on Walls

Cleaning and painting are excellent options to take care of your walls easily. However, these two alternatives are not the only ones that help you renovate these parts that form your dealership. You can also use wallpapers to maintain your walls. Wallpapers are wall coverings that protect your walls and beautify them effectively. Thus, by using them, you will have less difficulty maintaining the condition of your walls. To cover your walls, you can use, for example, traditional wallpaper.

This type of paper is thick enough to prevent stains/dust from reaching the surface of your walls. Apart from that, you can also use non-woven wallpaper or vinyl wallpaper. But, if you want to decorate and clean the rooms of your house simultaneously, then you should take flocked velvet wallpapers. By opting for good-quality wallpapers, you can rest assured that the cleanliness and condition of your walls are guaranteed.