Wood has always been a material that human beings use to build some things in their homes. It always has an original look when used in carpentry. This is the reason why many people still opt for wood joinery. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you ought to know about wood millwork.

Authentic characteristics


It has its own traits when it comes to providing benefits and advantages for one’s home.


The use of wood does not pollute the environment, whose importance of respect nowadays requires the use of ecological materials or objects.


Furniture, old doors, windows, or wood materials that have not been used can still be recycled to create a new decor for your home.

Resistant and robust

Even after decades, with proper care and maintenance, wood can last longer than you think and be inherited by future generations.

Suitable for any home style

Although wood has a classic feel, it is suitable for both vintage and contemporary decor. The style of a home will be much more enhanced with wood millwork.

Suitable for all decorations

Whatever your decorating style, wood complements it. It will enhance the objects in your home. Being timeless, it always brings a decorative, warm, and natural touch to the house, even after many years.

Two insulators in one for your home


Wood is a good insulator for your home. It will be a thermal insulator because it will stabilize the temperature in your home. It is also an acoustic insulator that can be used to keep the peace inside your house.

A customized style

With wood, you will have woodwork adapted to your personality and the decoration of your house. You will have the advantage of having one or more pieces of furniture that meet your desires and budget. For example, you could have the pleasure of making a wooden cradle for your child by yourself.

A noble material

In the world of interior design, wood brings a prestigious charm. Wood always brings an original and rather noble touch to your interior. That’s why wood joinery is always in fashion. For doors and windows, furniture, or the floor and ceiling, three species of trees totally offer this touch of nobility to your home:


It can withstand anything for decades. With good maintenance, it can reach several centuries. It cracks with difficulty and brings its majestic touch to the interior decoration.


It has several colors and brings its decorative charm from that. It is known for coating the ground and your outside (veranda, fence…) but also in the joineries cabinetmakers on measures.

The maple

It is a plant on the outside that presents different bright colors according to the season when it is cut: orange, cinnamon, and red… This wood has no risk of cracking in front of exposure to the sun because it is very well adapted to the heat.

A budget adapted to everyone.

It is normal to worry about the budget when it comes to a material full of assets. You still need to know whether it’s a renovation or an installation. A carpenter’s rates depend on your job and the type of woodwork you want. A recyclable material like wood varies from 300 to 3000 dollars.

The difference between cabinet making and carpentry


When hiring a wood specialist, it is important to know the difference between a cabinetmaker and a carpenter. Even though both are specialists in this field, they still differ slightly. The cabinetmaker is more considered a specialist in the design and coating of furniture even if he also masters carpentry. On the other hand, the carpenter is an expert in carpentry and joinery. He also works on wood to be recycled and renewed.

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