A window/rolling shutter duo to replace your old opening? It’s an ingenious idea to de-clutter the interior space of your home. The roller shutter is an innovative system that adapts perfectly to a contemporary style home. Security, energy savings, affordable purchase and installation costs… There are various advantages offered by this type of opening. To learn more, read this article!

What Is a Bay Window?

Also known as “window unit”, the bay unit is an opening system combining a window and a roller shutter. The latter is composed of a box and an apron. The system presented in a single block is generally available in two materials: PVC and aluminum. As for the window frame, it can be made of wood, PVC, or aluminum. Whether it is for new construction or renovation, the installation of a rolling shutter block is easy to do.

What Types of Bay Units Are There?

On the market, we can offer you two roller shutter bay block configurations.

The External Block Shutter

This system’s mechanism is integrated into a half-lintel box built into the masonry. It is then invisible from the inside as from the outside. As you would have understood, the installation requires some work to be done, which is why this configuration is recommended in construction. The exterior bay block’s primary advantage is its aesthetics to your home.

The Interior Bay

As the name suggests, the mechanism of this opening is placed inside the building. The aesthetic aspect of your facade is therefore preserved. The installation can be carried out within the construction or renovation framework. Among the advantages of the interior shutter, it is also easy to maintain. Indeed, all the mechanism of the shutter is accessible inside. You can then easily clean the electric motor, the apron, and the box. This is why you will often find it in collective housing where access from the outside is generally tricky (safety risk, need to use a gondola, obligation to use a cleaning professional…).

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What Are the Advantages of the Bay Unit?

Combining both aesthetics and modernity, the bay unit brings a decorative touch to your home. It offers a pleasant and attractive visual effect. Moreover, it is suitable for all types of facades and allows you to harmonize the overall view of your house. The bay window will always enhance your home no matter what style you choose.

Does your energy consumption often increase? The bay window system can help. This system offers excellent thermal insulation, which guarantees optimal comfort for your home. In winter, you no longer have to worry about the cold because the bay block helps keep the heat in by preventing heat loss in your home. Indeed, the roller shutter box integrates an insulator (generally in polystyrene). In addition, the slats of the apron have an insulating foam. All this allows you to reduce the use of your heating system, which consequently contributes to the reduction of your energy bill at the end of the month.

By opting for the bay block, you will have at hand a reliable product. Pre-fabricated in the factory, its joints prevent the risk of loss of water-tightness. In addition to its longevity, the bay block is also known for its strong resistance to bad weather, regardless of the material used in its manufacture. It is, therefore, a long-term investment.

If you are often the victim of a burglary, the bay window is your best ally to secure your home effectively. Moreover, if you opt for laminated double glazing, the protection is even more reinforced than the classic glazing.

The purchase of a bay unit is more profitable. It offers a better quality/price ratio. If you compare the price of a roller shutter with the total cost of a roller shutter and a bay window purchased separately, you will quickly notice the difference between the two. You will quickly notice the difference. In addition, the labor cost is less expensive because the carpenter does everything simultaneously. Motorized or manual system, the choice is entirely yours.