Attic insulation, whether lost or converted, is an essential step in the search for comfort for your home. It also represents a somewhat neglected aspect in the field of housing. However, insulating your home provides significant benefits, especially if the insulation is well done. Find out how to successfully insulate your home’s attic.

What Is Attic Insulation?

Attic insulation is a process of separating your house’s attic. In fact, there are two types of attics: the converted attic and the lost attic. The converted attic is the space under the roof that is not cluttered. In addition, the lost attic are the spaces almost non-existent or occupied by the frame. Therefore, attic insulation allows for the separation of the roof spaces of your home.

Why Insulate the Attic for Your House?

Insulating your home’s attic space in the first place can save up to 30% in energy costs. In fact, the roof is the first place where energy is lost in a house before the windows and walls. Therefore, to reduce your energy bill, it is essential to insulate your attic.

Secondly, attic insulation has comfort benefits for your home. Obviously, insulating your home helps to keep it cool during the summer season. It also helps to keep the temperature down.

What Are the Steps to Follow for Successful Attic Insulation?

Successful attic insulation involves several steps. These different steps have to do with performance criteria, the choice of quality, the attic’s insulation before the heating, and finally, the ventilation of the attic.

Respecting the Performance Criteria

Respecting the performance criteria is a crucial step in the process of insulating the attic of your house. In addition, you should know that the performance of your insulation depends on its thermal resistance.

The new thermal regulation requires the respect of a performance threshold. This performance threshold is estimated at 8 m 2 .K/W. In fact, the regulation threshold has to do with the insulation of attics in the new. As far as renovation is concerned, no regulation has been required. Nevertheless, it is recommended to choose insulators that meet the criteria set by the tax credit.

To top it off, meeting these criteria entitles you to a 30% renovation tax credit.

The Quality Choice for Attic Insulation

Attic insulation tasks are very demanding and therefore require rigor. Therefore, the work does not support the end of candle savings. This is why you should choose the quality of the insulation.

In addition, you should not skimp on the workmanship. Feel free to call in the professionals to get the job done right. Obviously, improper placement of insulation or improper insulation will not achieve the desired results.

Attic Insulation Before Heating

Attic insulation gives you economic benefits on heating. In fact, if you risk attic insulation, you spend less on heating. That’s why insulating the attic is essential before thinking about heating.

Attic ventilation

Considering the attic’s ventilation is also essential in the insulation work. This will allow you to avoid any thermal discomfort during the summer.

Successful Attic Insulation: What to Remember?

To succeed in insulating the attic, several aspects must be taken into account. These aspects are the respect of the performance criteria, the choice of quality for the insulation of the attic, the insulation of the attic before the heating and the ventilation of the attic.