Roof maintenance promotes the longevity of the roof. A roof that is not maintained loses its resistance to the sun and wind; over time, it becomes permeable and causes leaks. However, the role of the roof is to protect and insulate the house, especially the interior. Moreover, a well maintained roof keeps all these qualities. In addition, a roof in good condition guarantees a pleasant appearance from the outside.

Prevention and Repair of Roof Cracks

The waterproofing of the roof is most important in its role. Cracks will cause water to leak through the roof. How to prevent and restore cracks? During the roof installation or if there are already some cracks on the roof, mix silica sand with waterproofing paint and apply the mixture to the roof. The product will make the roof waterproof.

Silicone sealant and water repellent are also recommended for sealing gaps. First of all, it is essential to make a diagnosis on the state of the roof, especially after storms or heavy rain. If water leaks occur, detect the leak’s origin by observing the mold and moss that are signs of humidity.

However, the leakage does not necessarily always come from these places; the water can run along a beam or a wall. Gutters should be cleaned constantly as they can be filled with moss and leaves, especially in the fall. Waterproofing products are effective in stopping leaks, but if the breaks are considerable enough, it is better to renovate tile or slate roofs.

Cleaning and De-mossing the Roof

The roof is subject to many climatic conditions (heat, rain, snow …) that can destroy it and especially dirty it. Fungus, moss, stains, and lichen settle with time and weather conditions. The roof is an essential element of the house and should not be put aside. Cleaning the roof is necessary to limit damage and preserve its appearance, its condition, and also that of the house. Yes, the exterior design depends on the impression that the roof gives to visitors.

In this case, it is ideal to wash and remove the moss once or twice a year. It is also preferable to do it after the winter to check the impact of snow and winter frost. You can do the removal of these growing plants yourself by using a brush and water. Scrub the areas where the mosses take hold and rinse. You can also apply a high-pressure cleaner. However, this should be done with care so as not to cause more damage. It is best to always call a professional.

Removing these plants is not enough; they can reappear. Therefore, it is necessary to apply anti-moss products to prevent their reappearance (use organic products that are not harmful to the environment). The oxidation of copper also prevents the appearance of moss. Therefore, lay copper wires flush with and on top of your roof.

Gutter Maintenance

The gutter also needs maintenance and cleaning. It is an essential element of the roof. It prevents water from seeping into the foundation. They can be blocked by leaf debris but also by moss. As a result, water will accumulate in the house.

Gutter cleaning can be done manually. To begin, remove large leaf debris in the gutter with your hands. Then, apply water jet cleaning or brush. After cleaning, check the gutter for damage. If it is still not enough, it is better to put the repair in the hands of professionals.