The conversion of attic space into living space is a very advantageous option. It allows you to have a new space that can be transformed into a children’s room, an office, or, why not, a master suite. However, when it comes to attic spaces, the installation of a roof window, such as a velux, will be necessary to bring in natural light. It will also be a source of ventilation for the rooms.

Furthermore, if you choose to install a skylight, it will contribute to a considerable reduction in your energy consumption. However, how to know the ideal size for a roof window? So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn about some of the things you need to know about roof windows.

What size should your roof window be?


When it comes to attic space, it is no longer necessary to modify the roof pitch or transform the structure in order to create a living space. The height under the ceiling generally allows the realization of such a project. If the surface area allows it, you can create a bedroom with a bathroom, or an office where you can work while having a beautiful view through the roof window, to admire the landscape.

Not only does it give you such pleasure, but you have no other alternative than to create an opening in the roof to have a source of light and ventilation. This will allow you to have a natural light inlet, especially if you install it on both sides of the roof.

If you also choose the right glazing, it will contribute to the improvement of the thermal comfort of your home. Moreover, roof windows, such as velux, are available in several sizes. You can opt for a large surface or arrange them in a juxtaposed way. However, it would be better to choose a size adapted to the size of your roof, taking into account the intended use of the newly created room.

The creation of a roof opening is a project that requires the intervention of a roofing professional. According to the thermal regulation RT 2012, the glazed surface must cover 1/6 of the floor area of the room. Therefore, for a room of 10 m², you must install a roof window measuring at least 114×118 cm. In addition, roof windows, such as velux, are available in several sizes: 55×78 cm, 78×140 cm, and 134×140 cm.

What material should you choose for your roof window?


Like conventional windows, roof windows are also available in different materials. The size and the choice of the material used are important parameters to take into account. Indeed, the creation of an opening on the roof increases the loads on the frame, but for a roof window, you have the choice between aluminum, PVC, and wood. For the latter, it is quite possible to use it in the manufacture of a velux as a roof window.

It is a resistant material that fits any style of house. However, since it will be installed on the roof, the level of exposure to the weather is very high. Therefore, it is recommended to give it a proper treatment against moisture and insects. It is also necessary to provide regular maintenance. Choosing an aluminum roof window is also an interesting option. This material is a very good conductor of heat and does not require specific maintenance.

Moreover, aluminum comes in different colors and textures. PVC is also a good alternative. Apart from being less expensive than other materials, it also provides good insulation. Moreover, PVC does not rust and is easy to maintain. With its thinness and lightness, PVC roof windows are available in all sizes.

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