Nowadays, whether you are going to your home, your workplace, or even your place of leisure, the front door is the first thing that catches your eye once you are there. Therefore, it must be well chosen to attract visitors and provide comfort to residents. However, what material can facilitate such a mission for the front door?

Wood: A Super Trendy Material

It is not uncommon today to find that the traditional material most used by manufacturers of doors and shutters is wood. Indeed, wood allows for easy moldings and cuts of any shape desired by the manufacturer.

Oak and tauari are the most used woods because they are resistant and have a high density and aesthetics. It will be necessary to remember to maintain the wooden front doors by regularly applying stains to preserve their shine and extend their life. To have good quality and resistant wood entrance doors, you should plan for a minimum of 600 euros.

Aluminum: A Classy Material

It is important to remember here that just like wood, aluminum is also one of the most modern materials for manufacturing entrance doors. Aluminum carpentry offers many trendy designs with modern and contemporary entry doors with very original and varied patterns. Aluminum entrance doors are available in different colors and can be matched with the gate.

In addition, aluminum entrance doors are known to be resistant to break-in attempts and not prone to scratching. They do not require much maintenance, a simple damp cloth will be enough to clean and restore the shine. To get an aluminum entrance door of average range, it is necessary to plan between 1000 and 2000 euros.


PVC is a material that has found its place in the manufacture of entry doors. This is because PVC is a material that effectively resists the harmful effects of sunlight. PVC prevents the yellowing of entry doors exposed to the sun. In addition, PVC entry doors have an impeccable design and superior thermal insulation.

PVC entry doors can be reinforced for security by installing a metal frame. To have an entrance door made of PVC material is to spend at least 800 to 1000 euros. The only drawback with PVC entrance doors is that in terms of colors, the choice is more limited and restricted compared to that with aluminum entrance doors.

Glass: A Fragile but Classy Material

Glass entry doors are the least sought-after doors because of their fragility of glass. However, these doors solve different problems of old joineries, such as aesthetics and flexibility sought after in old entrance doors. Their double insulating glass panes provide a high level of insulation and are therefore considered excellent doors for thermal insulation.

Due to their elegance and rarity in homes, glass entrance doors help you to surprise your various visitors. Today, anti-burglary glasses can be installed on these doors to reinforce their resistance to burglary. The glass entrance doors also allow the houses to gain in lighting while producing beautiful effects with the contribution of contrast