When we talk about the design of our home, we immediately think of buying furniture or designing custom furniture. The latter choice offers different advantages depending on the space and decoration of the room. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of our best tips for designing a piece of custom furniture.

Designing the perfect piece of furniture


Making a custom-made piece of furniture means, first of all, asking the advice of a craftsman for the design of the furniture you need, taking into account the volume of the room as well as the different technical and practical aspects.

Choose your own design.

For this, you can show your personality through the furniture to have an original and unique creation in perfect harmony with your room.

The design of lost spaces

In general, there are always spaces in the house that are not well used. This can be, for example, the case of a corridor, an under-staircase, or an attic.

Make use of small areas.

In a small room, you can exploit some spaces to put cupboards or a library.

Some ideas of furniture to make

A bookcase

If you need space to store your books, magazines, and other objects, a large bookcase will be a great help to ensure storage. For this furniture, custom-made pieces allow you to exploit the room to the smallest corner.

A dressing room


You need a place to store your clothes and shoes. If you still have space in your home, you can install a dressing room to suit your taste. You could even install a dressing room specifically for children.

A closet or a cupboard

If you have a section of wall in your living room or another available room, you can add a wardrobe or a cupboard. This custom-made piece of furniture allows you to manage the available space in your home better.

A desk

If you have a workspace in your home, installing a desk is a good idea. Choose the right materials to design your office furniture.

A room divider

You can choose the dimensions and the interior design as you wish. If you find a room that takes up a lot of space in your home, you can split it in half to make use of it. In this case, a double-sided piece of furniture will do the trick.

The colors

Colors are also an option to embellish your furniture. Just choose the colors that suit you. If you want expert advice on custom furniture, contact a professional company.

Other custom furniture

There is also kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture, television furniture, etc…

How to choose the elements of a custom furniture


A wide choice of materials is available for your custom furniture. Usually, these are on a selected list offered by trusted suppliers. Here are a few wood panels for your custom furniture:

    • Chipboard is made of wood particles glued together. Chipboard is a smooth material used for both practical and decorative purposes.
    • The medium is made of compressed wood fibers and glued together. This material is easy to handle and can be decorated as you wish.
    • Solid wood is a little more expensive. It is a quality material, but it is not resistant to time. Pine and fir are the most used in terms of economy.
    • Melamine or laminate: this material offers several colors and finishes.
    • The plywood is a resistant material of 15 mm thickness.

We can also combine other materials such as wood and metal. You can dress your furniture in leather or fabric.

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