The metal construction is one of the most used solutions in the industrial or agricultural field. Currently, this type of structure is more common in the housing sector. In fact, this device has many advantages. What are the advantages and disadvantages of steel structures? So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you need to know about steel structures.

Advantages of metal structures


Widely used in the industrial field, the metal structure has many advantages.

An undeniable resistance

Metal structures are different from other structures because of their resistance. In fact, metal is very robust in the face of daily corrosion and heavy loads. Metal frames are also resistant to strong weather conditions.

For the elaboration of large-scale structures such as a framework or a building frame, steel is definitely the best material. For the fabrication and installation of metal structures, it is recommended to call upon a specialist in the field of boiler making.

A fast development time

Metal structures are quite simple to build. In fact, the design of even large-scale structures can be completed in just a few weeks. This is not the case for the design of wooden structures, which requires particular mastery and precise work.

The assembly of steel structures is also quite easy to do. Certainly, the installation of these structures is done through bolts and welding techniques. This simplicity of installation is the main advantage of steel structures.

Great agility of the overall structure

Steel structures are quite light. It is possible to build large structures such as warehouses, hangars, and bridges with a few metal parts. As a result, the weight of the entire structure is minimal.

As a result, during the installation of the structure, it is no longer necessary to build deep foundations. This results in a reduction of the expenses related to the construction site. On the other hand, you will have to purchase many materials in addition to the cost of labor for concrete construction.

In addition, the foundation for such a construction will have to be deep enough to ensure the strength of the structure. In the end, the cost of designing the concrete structure and the execution of the foundations increase the expenses of the work.

A possibility of recycling the material


Steel materials are recyclable. Indeed, when dismantling the structure, you have the possibility to reuse the metal to elaborate on other works. This procedure allows for the protection of the environment. It will also save you money when building your new structure. Don’t forget that the residues from construction represent a large part of today’s garbage.

Disadvantages of steel frames

Despite the many advantages of steel structures, they do have some disadvantages.

Susceptibility to rust

Steel structures corrode quite quickly under the action of humidity. After a certain period of time, the structure is degraded by rust. The resistance of the whole is thus put in danger. However, there are techniques that are dedicated to slowing down the appearance of rust. These include the application of special paint and galvanization, etc. These different techniques will allow the material to resist oxidation.

Poor insulation

Steel is a less insulating material than wood for a frame. In this case, it is important to think of reinforcing the insulation for this type of work.

A sensitivity to fire


Steel is more sensitive than wood. Indeed, under the action of heat, the beams hold less time. As a result, the metal frame is likely to collapse more quickly. It is, therefore, necessary to cover the metal with a fireproof paint or coating that will slow down the effect of the heat.

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