The choice of roofing for a veranda is far from easy because it must take into account many elements. For the veranda to be a living space, it must be bright and well-insulated. In addition to these characteristics, aesthetics must be taken into account. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right veranda roof. However, apart from the choice of material, the quality of the installation also influences the quality of the veranda.

Choosing the right type of roof for your veranda


Installing this type of room in your home is to enjoy a practical and bright extension of the house to relax and receive your loved ones. It is, therefore, important to consider the main objective when considering the shape of the roof you choose. In addition, the available space, the room’s shape, the size of the room, and the budget are also to be considered. Depending on your needs, you can choose a roof:

    • Rounded: aesthetic and bright but difficult to install and more expensive.
    • Terrace: easy to install, economical, and takes up little space in height, but darker
    • Sloped: In this case, building a mono-sloped roof with 3 slopes or 4 slopes will be possible. This is the most common style. It is bright, facilitates water drainage, and is affordable but requires a long installation time.

Things to consider when choosing a conservatory roof

The choice of roof for a veranda must take into account many elements.

The local urban plan

The construction of a veranda is subject to the PLU. This also defines the choice of the roof. Thus, it is important to find out about the authorized choices and to adapt the configuration of the roof to the different materials.

The use of the veranda

A veranda can be a space for relaxation, as is the case with a terrace or real living space. These use influence the type of construction to be made and the choice of roof (opaque or transparent, flat or sloping).

The choice of material

Choosing the material for the veranda roofing is important for the comfort and aesthetics of the room. Each material has different characteristics that are important to consider.

Polycarbonate roofing

Polycarbonate is a honeycomb plastic available in panels and is ideal for a conservatory roof. Its thickness of 32 or 55 mm protects well against temperature variations, especially heat. It is also possible to enhance this insulation quality by combining it with insulating panels.

This material is inexpensive and easy to install. However, it brings less light to the veranda. Also, its sound insulation is not very effective.

The glass roof

The glass roof allows the veranda to be bathed in light. The light warms the room, which reduces the use of heating and, therefore, energy consumption. It is both an aesthetic and functional choice. Indeed, by opting for this type of roof, it is possible to improve the veranda’s comfort considerably.

Thanks to this roof, the veranda can be used as a living room (living room, dining room, office, etc.). The use of double or triple glazing improves the insulation of the room. On the other hand, this material is heavy and sometimes requires reinforcement of the veranda’s frame.

Glass also adapts to all configurations, whether for a flat or sloping roof. Its installation requires, however, particular attention and, thus, the intervention of a professional.

Aluminum roofing

Uncommon, the aluminum roof minimum roof provides a considerable aesthetic quality to the veranda. Aluminum is solid and insulates the room nicely. However, it does not allow light to pass through. An alternative is integrating a glass part into the roof or opting for glass partitions. In this case, glass with reinforced insulation is the most recommended.

The aluminum roof is light and, therefore, suitable for wooden verandas; reinforcement work is unnecessary in most cases. This is especially advantageous for renovation or extension projects with a limited budget.

The quality of the installation


In order for the veranda to perfectly meet your needs, it is essential that the roofing is well installed. Therefore, it is essential to use a specialized company.

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