Some of us dream of having a brick house because it is aesthetically pleasing and gives us a sense of security. However, most of us are hesitant to take the plunge and renovate our homes with brick because there are many misconceptions about brick and its price. Brick has been used in construction for a long time, as it offers many benefits.

Brick is strong, durable, and easy to maintain, and brick walls also add value to any property. If you are planning new construction or renovation of your building’s cladding. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you need to know about brick walls.

1. Why choose brick walls?


Building a home exclusively with brick can be expensive, but it’s a wise investment that pays off. Brick walls help adjust the temperature of the building, as they store heat and cool air. In winter, the walls provide warmth, while on a hot summer day, they have a cooling effect. This creates a pleasant indoor climate, which means healthy homes.

In addition to comfort, a brick building also has financial advantages. Homes built entirely of brick cost less in the long run because they require less energy to heat. Research has proven that bricks are best suited for low-energy households, as brick walls effectively support the home’s heating system and also absorb moisture.

Finally, it is also very beneficial that brick walls are often more attractive and have a higher value if you wish to sell your building or residence one day. This is due, among other things, to the excellent properties related to energy consumption and indoor climate, and in addition, houses made entirely of brick are already associated with better quality.

2. What are the characteristics of the brick?

Among the properties of bricks, some basic ones are related to physical characteristics, and some are additional properties that describe their mechanical properties, durability, and thermal characteristics. In general, bricks have a high compressive strength. The use of bricks in load-bearing walls is due to their high compressive strength. The brick’s compressive strength property depends on the clay’s composition and the degree of burning.

A wall built with very hard bricks that absorb little water may be more easily penetrated by rainwater than a wall built with bricks that absorb a lot of water. This is because rain will more easily penetrate a small crack in the mortar between the bricks if the bricks are dense than if the bricks around the mortar are absorbent.

Clay bricks contain soluble salts that migrate to the surface of the masonry when water evaporates into the outside air. These salts will accumulate on the face of the bricks in the form of an efflorescence of white crystals that appear in irregular and unsightly spots. This white salt efflorescence is most pronounced in parapet walls, chimneys, and where the masonry is most prone to saturation. However, salt efflorescence is usually just unsightly and does not cause any damage.

3. What are the main advantages of brick walls?


Brick is an environmentally friendly choice because it is more environmentally friendly than other popular building materials, and that’s because brick is made from some of the most abundant materials: shale and clay.

In addition, brick is durable, weather resistant, and requires very little maintenance. In fact, bricks do not need to be painted and have an unequaled capacity to retain color.

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