Do you want to make that special place in your home; that is the kitchen cheerful and welcoming? Great idea! Indeed, the kitchen is the central room of a house after the living room, a “sacred” place that must attract by its charm and friendliness. To help you succeed in this challenge, here is our selection of the 8 best decoration ideas for a warm kitchen.

Play on the Lighting

Like the other rooms in your home, the kitchen must also be lit. And there, the lighting must be well thought out to obtain a good effect. Several ideas are available to you in this case, but you can opt for small hanging lights above your worktop for a more relaxing effect.

Favor an Alternation Between Open and Closed Storage

To break the monotony that we often notice, opting for an alternation between closed and open storage is preferable. For this, you can opt for closed closets, for example.

You will specifically hide your heavy utensils such as large pots and pans, food or even household appliances. Coffee cups and tea tins can be placed on the counter or pretty shelves. Metal hooks hanging on the wall are also another alternative you can try.

Opt for the Choice of Ecological Furniture

More and more in vogue, eco-friendly kitchen furniture is also an effective way to decorate a nice kitchen. Indeed, in addition to their aesthetic aspect, these pieces of furniture allow you to cook your meals in a healthy environment. The furniture to be favored in this case are notably the worktop; the cabinets; the kitchen utensils, etc.

As for the material of manufacture, you have the choice between:

– wood ;

– stainless steel

– glass ;

– bamboo and

– marble.

The Kitchen Rug

The idea of a carpet in the kitchen may seem funny, right? You know that the carpet brings a special touch to the rooms in which it is located. In fact, it is pretty normal to use it in the kitchen.

A soft and cozy rug under your feet will only increase your feeling of well-being during your cooking moments. Better yet, imagine yourself in winter. However, for more cleanliness, opt for a washable or vinyl rug. Second-hand carpet would be better.

Decorate the Floor And/or the Wall

A warm, custom-made kitchen is not limited to the choice of pretty furniture or lovely rugs. A beautiful, warm and friendly kitchen is also distinguished by the wall covering or floor covering placed on it. Therefore, when shopping, try to choose expressive and attractive coverings for stunning results.

The Use of Shutters

Always in search of originality, you can also install roller shutters outside your kitchen. They provide comfort, good thermal insulation, and security in this living space.

The Use of Plants

Known to all, plants are the bearers of life wherever they are found. However, it is no less critical when they are in the kitchen. For this, choose plants that are easy to maintain, such as chlorophytum, geranium, yucca, etc.

The Choice of Nice Equipment

Like plants, furniture, etc., equipment also contributes to making your kitchen warm. That’s why you should choose equipment whose color matches the decoration of your kitchen. Also, make sure that they are of good quality and functional.

Of all these tips, which one suits you best?