What Makes a Charming Oriental Bathroom

Do you dream of creating a bathroom that is out of the ordinary? Between tradition and modernity, an oriental decoration will give a crazy charm to your bathroom and will offer you a real change of scenery during your ablutions.

Warm and exotic, the oriental bathroom becomes a real space of relaxation. It combines warm colours with traditional materials and typical accessories. It remains to be decided whether you prefer to make it a bustling area in the pure oriental tradition or whether you opt for a Moroccan hammam atmosphere, more refined but just as warm.

What materials should be used in an oriental bathroom?

The oriental bathroom favours certain materials, in particular tadelakt and zellige.


Tadelakt comes from the Arabic word dlek, which means “to massage”. Originating in Morocco, the tadelakt is a waterproof coating containing lime and natural pigments. Placed on the wall, floor, and ceiling but also the sanitary facilities, it transforms the bathroom into a cocoon of well-being thanks to its shine and warm tones. Traditionally used in hammams, tadelakt is perfectly adapted to wet rooms. Smooth and soft to the touch, it is easy to maintain with soapy water.


The word “little polished stone” (zellige) is derived from the Arabic word al zulaycha. It first appeared in Byzantine mosaics, but by the 10th century, it had spread to Morocco. Zellige is made of coloured and glazed terracotta tiles manufactured by craftsmen. It combines colours and patterns, perfect for walls or a walk-in shower with its flush tray. Robust and resistant to wear, zellige can be cleaned with black soap.

Good to know: be careful when laying, as zellige is thicker than traditional tiles.

Furniture and sanitaryware in an oriental bathroom

Wooden furniture

For an even more exotic atmosphere, choose openwork furniture with oriental patterns. You can also opt for furniture combining wood with wrought iron and copper. The oriental bathroom gives pride of place to wooden furniture: columns, vanity unit…  

Shelves will help to organise the bathroom while leaving typically oriental foutas visible, for example.

Like a hammam

Some shower cabins are equipped with a steam generator to enjoy the benefits of the humid heat of the hammam in your bathroom. This option can be designed for one or two people without necessarily taking up more space than a conventional shower cubicle, and just as easy to install.

Lighting and colours for an oriental bathroom

oriental bathroom

What kind of lighting?

If direct light is essential around the mirror to apply make-up or shave, the lighting must be somewhat subdued in an oriental bathroom. Don’t hesitate to use lanterns or wrought iron candle holders that filter the light and multiply the scented candles.

The colours to favour in an oriental bathroom

Several atmospheres are possible in an oriental bathroom. If you wish to create an energising atmosphere, opt for warm and vibrant colours such as Marrakech red, yellow or orange. For a more private bathroom, go for cool colours like blue and deep green or seek advice from an expert.

Oriental bathroom decoration and accessories

There are many oriental elements and accessories to set the mood.

    – Starting with the kilim. This Turkish word refers to the flat weaving technique. With colourful geometric patterns, kilims from the Orient are woollen rugs that are not knotted but embroidered. They give a unique style to the oriental bathroom.

    – Another oriental accessory is the fouta. This woven cotton sheet with fringes originates from North African countries and is traditionally used in hammams. In an oriental bathroom, this large sheet, very absorbent and soft, serves as a towel.

    – The moucharabieh was traditionally used to close windows and balconies. Made from turned small wood, it can now be placed in front of the window of the oriental bathroom to shelter it from view and the summer sun’s heat while letting the air through.

    – Wrought iron is often used in this type of bathroom, for example, as a screen.

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