The gate is one of the security elements of the building. You can choose between a swinging and a sliding model. Both can be motorized for maximum comfort. If you have a swing gate, discover our 3 tips for selecting the right motor.

Consider the different options available


The arm motor is the most common system on a swing gate. It is installed in the leaves to facilitate the movement of the gate. It can be installed in a few minutes. It is a motorization that adapts equally well to a swinging gate made of wood, PVC, or aluminum. The only drawback is that it requires a large opening space. By law, the gate must open inwards.

The cylinder motor is more suitable for a house with a narrower entrance. It attaches directly to your locking system. Its biggest advantage is that it is discreet and does not require any additional space. This type of motorization is very well suited to robust and heavy swing gates such as steel models.

If the building is under construction, opting for an underground motor is best. It is discreet because it is buried in the ground. It does not require much space, either. With this motorization system, you benefit from a wide opening angle. However, you must plan or take into account how to drain water that may infiltrate the boxes. If this is not the case, you must regularly replace the swing gate motor.

The wheeled motor is also suitable for a swing gate, especially the medium-sized models. Moreover, it is easy to install, in addition to being affordable. Wheeled motorization also allows you to save energy.

Consider the selection criteria for the swing gate motor.

The swing gate motorization is not chosen at random. Criteria such as the direction of the gate opening, its weight, its robustness, and its frequency of use are to be taken into account. Before selecting the motor, the power supply system and the opening speed should also be analyzed. Don’t forget to take into account the opening mode: badge, box, remote control, etc.

Provide a disengagement system

Regardless of the type of motor, you have selected for the swing gate, the installation of a disengagement system is essential. This allows you to switch your gate to manual operation in the event of a power failure. If you don’t mind opening your gate by hand in case of a power failure, choose a 230 V disengagement system. If this solution is not suitable for you, choose a 12 or 24-V disengagement system with a battery backup. If, despite all this advice, you still cannot find the right motor for your swing gate, seek professional advice.

Design and security


Your visitors are in front of your gate: it is the first impression they have when they arrive at your home. Immediately your gate sets the tone of your home. It is an introduction to the way you have probably designed your interior. If you want to buy a gate, you should not consider it an isolated element because it should form a harmonious whole with a garden fence, a hedge, or a wall.

You are also spoiled for choice when it comes to materials, so you can choose one that suits the style of your garden. Adapt your gate to your environment as much as possible. What is the appearance of your house and garden? Make sure that it is in harmony, as well as with the adjacent fence. The gate’s purpose is also to prevent guests from entering your property. If your gate is also to be used for security purposes, you should take a closer look when choosing it. The lock of the desired model should be reliable and should not be easy to pick.

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