The choice of the exterior cladding of your house must be done with a lot of thought. Indeed, the siding of your house is of great importance. It contributes to the beauty of your home and gives it value. So what should you choose between tiles or pavers for the exterior of your home? Your roof is an important part of your home, and you need to take care of it. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you need to know about tiles.

Siding a house: what do you need to know?


Siding is the process used to cover the facades or surfaces of a home. Siding helps protect your home from the elements. It also contributes to the beauty and charm of a home.

Siding can also contribute to the thermal insulation of your home. Typically, siding is made from the following materials:

    • PVC
    • Stone
    • Render
    • Brick
    • Vinyl
    • Tile

Exterior siding can be used for a new house as well as for a renovation. For all your exterior work, call on the professionals.

Why choose tiles for exterior siding?

Widely used for interior cladding, tiles are also perfect for exterior cladding. Whether it is for wall or floor covering, tile is appreciated for its many qualities. In fact, tile is used for exterior cladding for many reasons.

It is practical and easy to maintain

Tile is a very practical natural material. It is a hygienic and easy-to-clean material. It is suitable for both floor and wall covering. It is also a material that is perfectly resistant to shocks, scratches, and moisture.

It is not at all fragile, unlike other types of exterior flooring. It is because of its resistance that it is perfect for exterior siding.

Available in wide varieties

There is an infinite variety of tiles. There is something for every style and taste (classic, contemporary, design, rustic, natural, vintage). There is also an infinite range of tile colors.

For the exterior of your home, you can choose a plain tile or a mixture of two different colors. Tiles are also available in several patterns (matte, satin, glossy, even silver, metallic, polished, or glazed)

Available in several sizes


What also makes the charm of this material is that it comes in many shapes and sizes: large and small tiles, squares, rectangles, mosaics, or rhombuses. In addition, it is a very economical material that has a long life.

Why choose paving stones as an exterior covering?

Pavers are widely used as an exterior cladding material, especially for the exterior of a house. Pavers are sturdy and perfect for landscaping walkways or patios. Pavers offer many advantages.

They are aesthetic and give value to the exterior of your home.

The paving stone is a very authentic material that allows you to embellish the different exterior surfaces of your house: the paths, the terrace, the perimeter of the house, the garden beds, etc. Note that it is also possible to cover a wall with paving stones (glass paving stones)

They allow easy circulation.

The paving stones facilitate circulation in the house. It is much easier to walk on paving stones than on gravel or sand. They are easy to clean and maintain.

Available in wide varieties


To beautify the exterior of your home, you can choose from several types of pavers. You can choose the finish and color of your choice. The paving of a house should be done by professionals for a better result.

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