How often have you thought about the floor lamp you inherited from your grandparents and left it at your parents’ house because you didn’t know how to match it with your home decor? If you thought they were outdated objects that didn’t fit the modern style, the 2023 trend will be a pleasant surprise.

If you used to enjoy going to antique fairs on the weekends, now is the time to enjoy the life story of each object and display it in your home without taking up space with other unique things.

This trend can be applied to any home, but it is a style especially specific to this generation, bringing passion in the form of antiques to modern interiors. You can easily create a place in your home with a few modifications, such as inherited furniture or retro mirrors found at the fair.

What is a Grand Millennial?

Grandmillennial, as the name suggests, is an interior design idea that combines old retro objects (grandma’s things) with new objects specifically for a new generation (millennial = the generation that adopted this style).

Unlike the country style, which focuses on rustic furniture and floral patterns, Grandmillennial emphasizes vintage objects, giving the space an elegant feel. Details specific to the modern style can be added.

This way, you can give a special piece of furniture a new chance by combining completely different styles. Likewise, we recommend unique holiday items that have an exciting story for you to tell. Of course, no rule says you can only use vintage items. Depending on the colors and rooms you want to decorate in this style, you can always buy new objects that remind you of grandma’s house.

To Incorporate This Style Into Your Home

Nostalgia for the time spent at your grandparents’ house gave birth to this trend. In other words, childhood memories are the best source of inspiration. Whether it’s a large mirror, an upholstered bed, or a lamp with a special detail, you’re sure to find an element that fits in your home.


The grand millennial trend is easy to incorporate if the elements are already in your home. For example, a sofa or armchair in blue or green velvet will give your room an elegant look. You can also add floral decorative cushions to add character to your living area.


For a more significant change, you can also change the color of the walls. For example, you can use yellow or green for an accent wall and give it a decorative profile. You will surely enjoy it, and the newly transformed room will provide the whole house a unique atmosphere.

A Guide to the Grandmillennial Home Design Trend

Bed, Benches, Drawers

Purchasing an upholstered bed or bench for your bedroom is a great way to evoke the classic style of your grandparents’ home. On the other hand, adding a modern-style chest of drawers or a gold-framed mirror will complete the space for the trendy grand millennial.

If you want to avoid a big change, you can also use an accent wall in the kitchen. Or, if you’re looking to change up your furnishings by purchasing retro-style appliances, choose a darker color with a marble top. If you choose a square sink, you can create a modern-style room with retro accents, in other words, a kitchen that follows this trend.

Small changes that work well can also be found in the bathroom. Purchase a complete set of containers for the products you use. It will improve the visual balance and clear the shelves simultaneously.

For a soothing effect, add some plants and flowers or eucalyptus. This will further personalize your bathroom.

Let us know if these few tips have helped you in the comments below!