A studio apartment can be considered a small apartment with a living area of 9 m². It has one main room, a bathroom or shower room, and a kitchen (open or separate).

The design of this type of housing can be a rather complicated task. However, it is not impossible. If you need tips on properly furnishing your studio, read this article.

Making the Right Choice of Furniture

The choice of furniture is critical to optimize the use of space in a studio. Indeed, the only room that composes it will serve not only as a bedroom but also as a living room. Sometimes it is even equipped with an open kitchen. One wrong move, even if it’s only on the choice of furniture, and your studio apartment can become a cumbersome home.

Opt for a trundle bed

Very clever to save space, the trundle bed is also called drawer bed. Being a convertible bed, the trundle bed can be used as a bench or small sofa to entertain your guests and enhance the living area of the room. If you need an extra bed, don’t worry, the drawer of a trundle bed is already equipped for this purpose.

Choose a bed model with storage

Less furniture means more space. That’s why a bed with storage is the model you need if you live in a studio. You can choose from a wide range of models to suit your tastes and needs. For example, there are beds with several drawers and models with shelves.

Choose designer or custom-made furniture

The design of each piece of furniture that equips the main room of your studio dramatically influences the final result of the layout. To do this, a wide choice of designs is available. You have, for example, Scandinavian, contemporary, industrial, etc.

Furthermore, opting for custom-made furniture is also an excellent solution to furnish your studio. Thus, you will be able to perfectly adapt the shape and the measures of each piece of furniture according to the space to be arranged. For example, a triangular bedside table for the corner of the walls next to the bed, customized stools to equip the kitchen area, etc.

Adopt a miniature decoration and light colors

The choice of decorating accessories is an element that should not be neglected, especially if you want to highlight and arrange your studio as it should be.

Miniature style accessories are the most advantageous to harmonize your studio’s interior decoration and layout. On the other hand, be aware that you will not get the same result if you use too many decorative ornaments. Clutter can be the word that determines the first impression of your guests when they enter your home.

So, to choose your decorative accessories, list what you like and where you want to place them. Ask a friend, family member, or someone else for advice on whether a particular ornament is appropriate for a specific location.

Houseplants, sculptures, and paintings are welcome. You can place a bonsai planted in a flat brown or bronze pot next to the interior entrance, a cactus and an aloe vera, each planted in a small white pot in front of the window, or a bromeliad on the coffee table in the living room.

As for the wall and floor coverings and linens, favor light and soft colors to make the spaces look bigger.

In addition, you can call upon the services of a professional in interior design to finalize the layout and decoration of your studio.