The wall covering of a kitchen is not only decorative; it also plays other roles. Indeed, it must also be robust and easy to maintain, facing the onslaught of smoke and steam from cooking. Therefore, it is important to choose it carefully, depending on the use and the style you wish to bring to your kitchen. To help you choose the right model for your kitchen, we offer you in this article some options for wall coverings for the kitchen.

The different possibilities of kitchen wall coverings



In order to better choose the right type of wall covering for your kitchen style, it is important to consider not only its aesthetics but more importantly the technical characteristics and financial cost of your project.

1. Paint: the least expensive but easiest to install

This type of coating is the most common of all! Indeed, wall paint is inexpensive as its price varies between 3€ and 30€ per liter. It also provides several possibilities through several colors, in order to effectively harmonize your kitchen. Moreover, the paint renovation work does not require a large site, and you can do it yourself, without the intervention of a professional kitchen designer.

2. Tile: the most classic

Tile is the star of any room subject to moisture. This type of flooring is very popular in bathrooms in order to hide the plumbing system and to match the various sanitary fixtures (faucets, siphons, etc.). However, it also plays an important role in the kitchen for the realization of credenzas and work plans. This is due to its robustness and its ease of maintenance. Indeed, a simple sponge is enough.

There is a variety of tiles (shapes, sizes, colors, and types of material), which allows it to adapt and harmonize perfectly with all configurations and styles of the kitchen. The purchase and installation price of a tile wall covering varies between 20€/m² and 100€/m².

3. Waxed concrete: the most modern

This type of covering has become increasingly popular. Indeed, it has a very remarkable aesthetic side and is available in different shades and effects that make it pleasant to the touch.

Moreover, it resists perfectly to water, but fears, on the other hand, all greasy stains. This is why it requires regular maintenance with a protective varnish to ensure longevity. This type of modern flooring ranges from 20€/m² to 150€/m².

4. Brick: a user-friendly material

Brick is generally used around the kitchen’s dining areas, as it adds charm to the kitchen. However, be sure to combine it with other materials for more harmony and design. Depending on the type of brick, its price can vary between 20€/m² and 250€/m².

How to choose the type of cladding according to its location?

Due to the characteristics of each type of material, you must be very strategic in your choices:

1. The credenza requires a solid and heat-resistant covering

Since the credenza is located on the vertical area above your worktop and cooking areas, it must be both heat and grease-resistant. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use tile flooring for this kitchen area.

2. For a warm and friendly dining area


As open kitchens are taking up more and more space in the contemporary kitchen, it is important to think about making the space dedicated to eating much more cozy. Indeed, we advise you to place some red bricks on the walls overhanging your dining area to give it more pep and charm, while remaining in a modern style.

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