The materials for the roof are varied, and some are more resistant than others. If the metal roof is deemed resistant, others need specific maintenance to display the same resistance. This is particularly the case for tiled or slate roofs. Although they have a longevity that can exceed 50 years, these materials are sensitive to the formation of foam. It is therefore important to maintain them well. There are many ways to achieve this. However, given the difficulty of the operations, the intervention of a professional is recommended.

How to clean the roof?


Cleaning occupies a large part of the maintenance of the roof. It depends on several parameters.

    • The type of roof (material and configuration)
    • The amount and type of dirt to be removed

Furthermore, it may be necessary to use specific equipment to carry out the operations. In this case, there are several types of cleaning depending on the type of treatment required.

Manual cleaning

Manual cleaning involves manually removing impurities from your roof. In this case, it may be foam or stains. This operation is mainly part of the regular maintenance of the roof. It is possible to do it yourself if the configuration of the roof allows it.

High-pressure cleaning

This type of cleaning uses a jet of water mixed with other additives, projected at high pressure to clean the roof. It thus makes it possible to effectively get rid of foams and other types of impurities. However, its use is delicate in the case of a tiled roof and a slate roof. Poorly calibrated, the water pressure can break or move the tiles and cause water infiltration in the roof.

Why hire a professional to maintain the roof?

Cleaning the roof is far from easy. Indeed, the configuration of the roof, in particular, the height and the importance of the slope, often require the use of specific equipment. Thus, in addition to the concern about obtaining a satisfactory result, the question of security also forces the owners to call on a specialized company to carry out the operations. Most roofing companies specialize in all roofing work, such as maintenance, cleaning and roof window installation.

When should the roof be cleaned?

The frequency of roof cleaning differs on materials and climatic conditions. In general, the cleaning of the roof is done once a year, ideally at the beginning of spring and winter. However, this frequency varies depending on the roofing material.

For metal roofing

Zinc or other metal roofing does not fear mould. In this case, maintenance is less frequent. In addition to cleaning, it is also necessary to review the evacuation of water, the solidity of the gutter and the condition of the cover.

For other materials

For tile, slate or concrete roofs, regular inspection is mandatory to identify damage and act quickly, as these materials are sensitive to moss formation. However, these can damage the roof, in particular, its waterproofing.

The moss removal from the roof

Moss removal from the roof can be done manually using water, soap and a brush. However, to be more effective, the use of a high-pressure water jet is also recommended. This technique should be undertaken by a professional. Indeed, if it is not correctly calibrated, the water jet can damage the roof.

Anti-moss treatments

After the moss is removal from the roof, it is essential to protect it against regrowth. On the one hand, the water-repellent treatment protects the roof against the deposit of certain minerals that cause the formation of moss and other fungi.

Final thoughts


On the other hand, it is also possible to opt for chemicals to prevent the mosses from growing back. The choice depends on your needs. Sound off in the comments section below, and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to read more about roofing.