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7 Ways to Brighten up a Dark Room With Natural Light

Not only is a well-lit room more inviting, but it also helps in improving your sense of well being by boosting the mood and lowering stress levels. From incorporating simple accessories to flooring or ceiling remodel, we’ve gathered a few useful ways to brighten up your rooms with natural light.

1) Replace Walls With Windows

Replacing sections of your wall with windows allows in a considerable amount of natural light where otherwise, no light would be entering the room. Moreover, you can also take advantage of a beautiful exterior view. If you’re searching for new ones, opt for glass windows with minimal framework. Windows with more exposed glass allow plenty of light and ventilation to an area.

2) Hang Mirrors Strategically

Placing mirrors strategically to walls or across anywhere else can double the amount of sunlight entering the room. This is possible as mirrors are reflective surfaces that catch and disperse light throughout the home. For instance, adding a range of small mirrors can help natural light to lighten up dark staircases. Track where beams of light move within the room and position mirrors or other reflective surfaces like glass furniture, shiny objects, or silver photo frames at the right angle and height to increase natural light and give the space a whole new feel!

3) Get rid of the heavy and dark curtains

Curtains made of thick and dark fabrics absorb light and prevent it from coming through into a room. The type of material and color that you opt for can profoundly affect the amount of light you allow in. Choosing lighter colors such as white or other neutral colors will instantly brighten up a room on its own and also enables sunlight to pass through. If you don’t want to remove your dark and heavy curtains, invest in some curtain holdbacks. Practical and stylish, these allow you to tuck the curtain back and let natural light come in. Moreover, they also come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes to suit the style of your home. For instance, wrought iron handles shaped like leaves will complement traditional spaces.

4) Install Skylights in the room

Skylights are an effective and incredible way of bringing more light into a place, especially for high traffic spaces such as the washroom or living room. This light-transmitting structure is installed into the roof space of an area to allow daylight to pass through. For example, the sun tunnel skylights consist of a tunnel passing through the roof to the ceiling. The ceiling diffuser used to install the sun tunnel skylights blends seamlessly with the ceiling while bringing soft and restful light to an area. Additionally, skylights are also energy efficient and help to reduce your electricity bills. Seek a professional for the installment of your skylights to avoid any unexpected issues!

5) Prune the Trees by Your Windows

Make sure that any trees or bushes by your windows are regularly trimmed. If not, the trees will be too high and dense, and the foliage will prevent sunlight from entering. Not only will trimmed trees allow natural light to pour in, but it also enhances the exterior look of your home. Pruning will allow the plant to produce more flowers and also enable you to maintain your desired plant shape. Now, you can have a great looking landscape to enjoy at home as well!

6) Think ‘’Light’’ for the Colors of Your Ceiling and Interior Walls.

Color choice is an essential factor to consider to allow light inside. Generally, dark colors absorb light and make rooms feel more confined. Alternatively, light colors are known to reflect light into spaces, and for this purpose, nothing is better than white ceilings and walls! White paint will brighten up the room and open up the area, making it appear larger and fresher. For those who do not like white walls and ceilings, including things such as a white or light grey rug can help in adding light. You can also play around with different other lighter tones and hues until you feel like you’ve achieved the best result.

7) Clean Your Windows!

This one is too obvious and probably the easiest fix. However, cleaning your windows at least once a month can make a drastic difference upon how much light streams into a room. The more dust, dirt, and splatters on windows, the lesser sunlight can peek into the areas. Moreover, glass windows are little maintenance and dry rapidly. It’s also easier to clean than installing more windows!

Natural light is often overlooked when purchasing or remodeling a house. Luckily, there are various ways to adjust and allow more natural light to your home. We hope that these few tips have been able to get you started on transforming the dark spaces in your home into a light-filled oasis!

Ways to Renovate Your Garage into a Livable Space on a Budget

Modern homes have gone a long way in terms of style and function rolled into one amazing place of abode. Thus, the usual and conventional home ideas observed in the past are long passe and irrelevant in contemporary times. Just as in the cases of home garages, it is no longer confined to the traditional car storage and parking area. As an integral part of the house, it is considered an asset that may boost the market value of the property depending on the creativity and resourcefulness of the home owner in upgrading his garage. Now more than ever is the perfect time to think of ways to transform your idle and space consuming home car garage into a more livable and functional space.

So what exactly are the best options to consider when remodeling this area and converting it into a multi-functional and productive space of your house? There are actually vital components to consider that most home owners need to give utmost importance. First and foremost is the financial allocation you can afford to spend in this home project. Be sure that you have sufficient budget in order to start and finish your renovation or else it may give you more losses than profit.

It is quite normal to have a garage that is full of stuff, from lawn care tools to boxes from when you moved in, the list is inexhaustible. The best solution to this problem is to have all the junk removed by either the municipal services or give away for donations. It is always easy to donate things that can be of other people’s use. Have your friends or family to help you clean up!

With all the junks removed, it is now time for preparing the upgrades you plan on making. This step requires smalls tasks that you can knock out in a few hours. It will include replacing the old drain caps or floor covers plates with something that is going to last for long. You can also update the garage door seals by replacing them with more functioning and fit for the look you want for the garage. Removing floor fixtures is one of the best thing makeover that you can give to a garage. You can either have the help of a handyman or do it yourself.

One of the hardest decision that you will have to make while renovating your garage is whether you want to keep the flooring as it is or change it. Whether you want to take on applying garage floor coatings yourself or hire a professional to do so. There are advantages to both and each have a wide range of options. Plenty of big box store retailers offer DIY epoxy garage floor kits, and there are numerous online tutorials to back them up. Professional garage floor coatings offer unparalleled quality and, of course, make the work easier on you.

You have to consider is the budget. You will not be able to push through with the conversion if you do not have the means to do that. If you want generate some cash before you start your project, you can do so. Scavenge through your stuff and prepare them for a garage sale. This is definitely a good way to start over. Besides, you need to empty your garage before you start your project, right?

Keep in mind that your budget has to be realistic. You can use some things you have at home; however, you should consider the structures to build. This means you will need a plan. It will be best to hire a professional to do this. Although there are several do it yourself guides in the net today, you want to be certain that everything is well taken care of.

Your plan should be clear. What type of room do you want it to be? Do you want it to be your home office or a play area for your kids? Do you want it to be an extra bedroom or a living room? Your decision, will greatly affect how the plan will go.

Once you have your plan ready, empty the garage. Check for the repairs that need to be dealt with first. Hire an electrician to check the electrical lines. If it is going to be your office, you need to have sockets installed as well as proper lighting. You have to check the condition of the room as well. Do you need to install an AC because of its temperature? Remember, you will welcome future clients there if it will become your office.

After taking care of the basic things, carry out your plan. If you are going to do it yourself, you will need a lot of help. So make sure that you ask your family and friends to help you in the project. This is also why it is important to have a detailed plan. This way, you will know exactly what work to assign. Before assigning tasks though, you have to make sure that all the materials you need are purchased. This includes the paint, paintbrushes, blue tapes, nails and the like. Having all your materials ready will ensure that you finish the task on time.

Monitor the progress. Prepare a time table to be able to do this. You have to be visible during the entire project so that if there are questions and problems, you will be able to deal with them right away. It can be tough, but it is definitely rewarding after you finish.

The Pros and Cons of Popcorn Ceiling

Popcorn ceiling, also known as stucco ceilings, textured ceiling, or cottage cheese ceiling, is a type of ceiling that has a certain paint-on or spray-on treatment. The materials used for popcorn ceiling include styrofoam or stucco, which gives them a bumpy appearance similar to popcorn and hence the name. We’ve listed a few pros and cons of popcorn ceilings below.


1) Hide Imperfections

The bumpy appearance of the popcorn ceiling makes it perfect for camouflaging any imperfections. This is possible since its texture on walls creates small shadows that darken the shade of the surface when there is light. The darkening effects help to better mask a multitude of imperfections such as cracks, leaks, damage, poor drywall artistry, and others.

2) Cheap

Popcorn ceilings are a more affordable option than painting and can effortlessly be installed. You can easily find a contractor to do it or even do it yourself if you’re used to painting as it is a sprayed-on textured installment.

3) Noise Dampening

Popcorn ceilings offer noise insulation qualities due to its increased surface area. Noise reduction is possible as the thick textured raised bumps help in absorbing sounds. This can be especially helpful in rooms where noise is an issue such as high-traffic entryways or hallways, rooms that echo due to high ceilings, or a great advantage to grab your midnight snack without causing much noise! The thicker and more porous the texture, the better it will be at muffling sounds.


1) Difficult to repair

Repairing popcorn ceilings can be hard. If there’s a leak, crack, or other ceiling damage, the destroyed part will need to be cut out replaced by a perfectly matched color and texture, which can be extremely difficult to achieve. In many cases, the recurrence of the issue is most likely to happen. If you want a uniform and perfectly repaired ceiling, unfortunately, the entire ceiling will need to be redone from scratch.

2) Difficult to clean

The bumpy surface of the popcorn ceiling makes it hard to clean as dust, cobwebs, spiders, and other little insects attach to it quickly. A brush head or vacuum cleaner might help to get rid of dirt, but constant cleaning using such devices can also break the popcorn ceiling, resulting in more harm than good. Dirt in between the crevices is too hard to reach and clean. Moreover, smoke can also stain the popcorn ceiling.

Are you considering popcorn ceilings for your home?

3 Helpful Tips to Paint Your Ceiling

Whether you’re trying to revive a dull and stained ceiling or simply enhance a room, painting the ceiling is often a tiring and messy task. Luckily, we’ve gathered a few tips for you to have a smooth ceiling painting project!

1) Use a Paint-Roller

Using equipment like a paint sprayer might indeed be easier to paint the ceiling. However, if you’re all about quality, you can’t go wrong with a paint-roller! Not only is a paint-roller affordable, but they can also provide you with better coverage. A good paint sprayer costs a lot more than a decent paint-roller, which is also easier to find. Moreover, by the time you finally manage to set up the paint sprayer and complete the pre-painting prep, you could have completed the ceiling paint with a paint-roller. From over-spraying to frequent clogs, you’ll also face unpleasant outcomes if you haven’t been maintaining the paint sprayer. Using a paint-roller causes less splatter than paint sprayers. It also provides a better color consistency through a thicker paint layer, which makes the finished product beautiful and spotless. Paint sprayers also come with a lot of wastage when the atomized paint drifts away, whereas each drop of paint is used with paint-rollers.

2) Use an Extension Pole

With the added leverage, extension poles enable you to paint faster. It lowers the amount of physical labor required to paint ceilings. For instance, you won’t have to bend down to low areas or get off the ladder constantly to reload the roller with paint. It also becomes easier to reach the ceilings without extending movements of the body, which can cause problems like backache.

3) Use a White Ceiling Paint

Opting for white ceiling paint is certainly not a mistake. It will never go out of style and has many more advantages than choosing vibrant colors. A white ceiling will brighten up any room and make it look clean and neat. It will also make rooms appear bigger since white paint gives an illusion of additional height to ceilings. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about clashing colors since white goes with anything, giving you the freedom to choose any other color for the remaining walls in the room.

Have these tips been helpful to you? What are other useful tips you know to paint the ceiling? Share it with us in the comments below!

Criteria for Choosing a Steam Cleaner

You want to purchase a steam cleaner, but you have no idea of its performance and other criteria to consider before buying one. In this post, we tell you everything you need to know about a steam cleaner to help you make a wise choice.

Focus on the Basic Details:

  • The steam flow rate (g/min): it is better to choose an adjustable flow rate;
  • Pressure (bar): from 4 bar;
  • Power (Watt): the more powerful the steam cleaner is, and the faster the water heats up, the more energy-intensive it is;
  • The construction material of the tank: privilege stainless steel; the capacity of the tank: from 0.50 liters to 2 liters;
  • The heating time: as short as possible; autonomy: from 10 to 50 minutes approximately;
  • Noise (dB): check with a seller or manufacturer;
  • Energy consumption: depends on the power of the resistors;
  • Safety: make sure that the cap cannot open if there is still pressure inside;
  • Ergonomics: sufficiently long cables and hoses, presence of straps, excellent quality castors, and a not too heavy assembly.

Steam Cleaner Flow Rate

The steam flow rate represents the speed at which steam passes through the cleaner to reach the substrate to be cleaned. The steam flow rate is measured in g/min. The higher the steam flow rate, the more efficient the unit is.

If you are projecting steam on fragile ground, the flow rate shouldn’t be too high, as this may damage the floor. It is preferable to choose a steam cleaner with an adjustable flow rate.

The steam flow rate varies from 0 to 115 g/min. If you want to clean carpets and hard floors, do not hesitate to consider a flow rate starting at 70 g/min.

Note: Manufacturers are not required to provide this information. It is, therefore, only found on certain models.

Cleaner Pressure

The pressure of a steam cleaner represents the force exerted by the steam projected to remove dirt. This pressure is measured in bar: The pressure can vary from 3 to 6 bar. For a steam cleaner to be effective, it must have a pressure of at least 4 bars.

If it is a small steam cleaner, a pressure of 3.5 bars does not affect the quality of the cleaning. The more pressure you apply, the faster you will see the dirt disappear without effort.

The lifespan of a Steam Cleaner

The lifetime of a steam cleaner depends on the volume of the tank, of the battery (if the device is wireless), auto-filling, which consists of continuously replenishing the steam cleaner with water, the heating time of the tank.

Water requirements differ according to the surface to be cleaned:

For a small apartment: 0.50 to 0.75 liters.

For a house: up to 2 liters or unlimited.

Battery Life

Some steam cleaner models operate wirelessly, powered by a battery. It is interesting to know how long the device can be used before it is discharged. On average, you can operate wireless steam cleaners for 20 minutes, the lowest for 10 minutes, and the most efficient for 40 minutes. Note: the battery life decreases as the device ages.

Unlimited Operating Time: Auto-Filling

The most sophisticated models incorporate an auto-fill system that consists of continuously replenishing the steam cleaner with water. This way, you no longer have to interrupt your cleaning.

Water Heating Time

The heating time refers to the time during which the resistors convert water into steam, i.e., at 120 °C. In general, heating time does not exceed ten minutes. A conventional steam cleaner with a resistance of 1,500 watts will take about ten minutes to convert water into steam. On the other hand, if the model is equipped with a 2,000-watt resistor, the water will heat twice as fast.

Good to Know: Be aware that the more powerful the resistances are, the more energy-consuming the steam cleaner is.

Tank Materials and Options

Here are the points to watch out for when choosing the tank:

– To extend the life of your device, choose a stainless steel tank.

– If the water in your area is hard, use a scale remover or an integrated descaling system.

– Another thing to watch out for is the sound insulation of the tank. The noise emitted by the device comes from its ability to muffle it in the tank. Some models are equipped with a noise reduction pump.

Number of Decibels Issued

Like any electrical appliance, a steam cleaner makes noise. The projection of steam on a surface can cause an unpleasant whistling sound. The noise emitted by the cleaner is expressed in decibels. The display of the number of decibels is not mandatory.

Good to Know: so don’t hesitate to ask a seller for information: a difference of three decibels can result in a sound volume twice as high.

Energy Consumption of a Steam Cleaner

Although a steam cleaner is considered environmentally friendly, in the sense that it requires very little water and no detergent, it still has resistors that heat the water in the tank. The energy consumption of these resistors may vary, and the display of the energy class is not mandatory. It is therefore highly recommended that you contact the manufacturer or dealer to find out more about this information.


It is essential to have a good grip on the device: the handle must be soft to the touch, the cables and hoses long enough, the castors of good quality and the equipment must not be too heavy. Indeed, a steam cleaner must be light enough to be lifted on stairs or to reach an object at a height. The small models are equipped with a strap so that they can be suspended on the shoulder. The weight of the device is an essential element in the choice, especially for the most massive steam cleaner tanks that can reach 10 kg.

Hope the above criteria help you out in choosing your steam cleaner. Discover more through our posts on! From helping you to improve your home, there is a plethora of articles to read and apply in your daily life. Remember to share your comments in the section below.

Furniture: When to Go Custom?

For most of us, a house is not a short term investment that we can just sell or discard after a few years. It is both a financial and emotional investment that we make when purchasing a house. And it is an investment we intend to hold on to for the longest time possible.

While we hope that the structure we spend our lives in will stand the test of time, there are still adjustments and changes that will have to be made along the way. These changes will range from minor to major but will usually not involve tearing down the whole thing and rebuilding from scratch. And for that to happen, we need to ensure that every step of the building process is well thought out.

So, when looking at long-lasting options, remember that durability and timelessness also apply to furniture. If it’s durable furniture that you seek, there’s no better choice than custom-made. While custom wood furniture sounds expensive, do not settle for furniture that lacks uniqueness because the extra money is well worth the investment.

Never considered custom-made furniture? Well, we’ve prepared a list of 6 reasons detailing why custom-made far outweighs the cost-saving that comes with prefabricated furniture.

6 Reasons for getting Custom Furniture

1. Quality that Doesn’t Deteriorate

The level of attention brought to a custom furniture is different from that brought to the manufacturing of mass-produced furniture. This explains why custom-made wood furniture items are of higher quality, have a better quality finish and are durable. And when we talk of quality, we are not only talking about the basic construction. The team of craftsmen involved in the project will be meticulous about every aspect of the product, from the type of wood to the fabric, glue and stuffing.

Because of the greater attention to detail and build in custom furniture, custom furniture items tend to last longer. Even if they are pricier, custom wood furniture pieces are built to last and hence retain quality and value well.

2. Infinite Options and Better-Fitting Furniture

If you ask us, the most compelling reason to buy a custom-made piece is hands down the range of options available to you. Custom-made furniture outperforms ready-made items by leaps and bounds when it comes to this. From mahogany to teak and sustainable wood, the options for custom furniture are infinite. The designs are really only limited to what you can dream up! If your furniture is tailor-made, you will have greater utilization of space. Unlike prefabricated furniture that has fixed dimensions, custom wood furniture can be customized so the pieces suit your space perfectly.

3. Increased Flexibility When It Comes to Design

When it comes to tailor-made, you are the captain of this ship. From cosmetic options to colours, finish and hardware, you can customize anything. 

Not only do makers care about every aspect of the quality of their product, but they will also provide increased design flexibility by being as accommodating as they can. They will ensure that they understand your vision and interpret your designs before carefully build a timeless piece of furniture.

4. You Get to Pick the Best Materials

Unlike with off-the-shelf items, custom made furniture is made specifically for you and to suit your tastes. You, therefore, have the freedom of choosing the material you want and the material you believe to be of better quality. For example, you get to choose from sustainable wood, such as oak, to lighter wood, like beech.

5. Your Furniture Items Will Look Amazing and Will Be Unique

Since you pick the design, you get to choose a piece of furniture that has phenomenal aesthetic quality and that will match the style of your home. Custom furniture brings a level of elegance to a décor that prefabricated box store items don’t.

With custom wood furniture, you will have the freedom of expressing your unique style. From shape and fabric to colour and trim, every detail is according to your specifications. Since you will have full control of the design, the furniture pieces will blend seamlessly with your décor.

6. Increases the Value of Your Home

One of the best reasons for getting furniture made-to-order furniture is the value it adds to your home. Bespoke items are unique and original and in some cases, can even be called works of art.

The level of artistry and hard work that the piece reflects can add value to your home and is worth the investment. Additionally, this type of furniture promises quality and stylistic timelessness and can, therefore, stay in the family for years, even generations, to come.

So, What Are You Waiting for?

Start transforming your home with custom wood furniture today! Roca Wood Works Inc., Scarborough is here to help turn your vision into reality.

Choose the Glazing for Your Window

The choice of glazing for your windows is essential both for their level of insulation (double glazing) and for their resistance (reinforced glass), their style (colored glass) and the privacy of the home (opaque glass). In his post, Homemyinfo will guide you in the choice of the most suitable glazing for your windows.

It is above all the geographical location of your home, the orientation of your room and the noise level that determines the type of glazing best suited to your future windows.

Choose the Right Window Glazing

The number of windows is an essential point for sound and thermal insulation. Single glazing is almost no longer installed due to its poor performance but can be supplemented with over-glazing to improve its qualities.

Today, double glazing offers the best sound and thermal insulation for standard or custom-made windows. Let’s discover its technical qualities below.

You can go even further by opting for triple glazing, especially used in low-noise houses with reinforced insulation.

Select the Right Glass


There are many types of glass for you to choose from and each has its own technical qualities.

You should look for the SGCC certification label when selecting quality glazing. They are an independent quality assessor that guarantees the resistance and safety level of insulating, laminated and tempered glass.

Resistance and Safety

Your windows are on the ground floor and you want a glass that will limit the risk of burglary? You can choose laminated or tempered glass that offers increased impact resistance. Another option is reinforced glass, which does not prevent glass breakage, but prevents the passage of a thief thanks to its grid.


Some glasses can either be colored or rendered opaque for more privacy inside your home. Be careful, however, they must not prevent light from entering. Below, we’ll look at some of the solutions.

Specific Lenses

Less common and often more expensive, new intelligent lenses are appearing on the market. Self-cleaning, opaque, electrochromic, with integrated blind: 2 in 1 glazing, heated glazing, etc., they use new technologies to make your windows more convenient and energy-efficient.

Self-Cleaning Glass: Maintenance-Free Glazing!

Self-cleaning glass is glass with a special coating that keeps it clean and maintenance-free! The self-cleaning glass combines photocatalysis and hydrophilicity in the following ways:

The photocatalysis process: the outer surface of the glass reacts to ultraviolet rays and degrades organic dirt (dust, pollution…) that comes off the glass.

The hydrophilic property: the glass allows rainwater to flow along the glass, carrying with it dirt and leaving no trace.

This process works even without sunlight; daylight is sufficient to activate the degradation of dirt. This glass is especially useful on fixed windows that are difficult to access.

Note: it should not be forgotten that the inside of the glass is not covered with this special coating and should, therefore, be cleaned normally.

Opacifying Glass: Controlled Opacifying Glass

Opacifying glazing makes it possible to eliminate an annoying counterpart at the touch of a button. This type of glazing consists of a liquid crystal film inserted between the panes of double glazing, in the same way as laminated glass.

This glazing incorporates an electrical connection that allows it to be opaque at will:

In the “off” position (not electrically powered), it offers a translucent, milky appearance, which hides the view while maintaining good brightness.

In the “on” position (electrically powered), the glass becomes transparent like a conventional glass. The change is fast and reversible at will.

Electrochromic Glazing

This is also opaque glazing through which an electric current flows. This type of glazing offers the advantage of being able to choose the degree of brightness or opacity at will.

In addition, it consumes little energy thanks to a memory effect that allows it to remain in the desired state even when power is off. It therefore only consumes electricity when the state changes.

It is already used on some car windows and extends to the home, but remains very expensive to implement.

Integrated Blind Glazing: 2 in 1 Glazing

Integrated blind glazing is double glazing in which a permanent or remote-controlled Venetian blind is inserted: hinged or tilting slats.

This glazing is suitable for all types of walls (inclined or straight) and offers many advantages:

  • the thermal and acoustic performance of double glazing;
  • control of brightness and sun protection thanks to blinds;
  • no maintenance required for the awning;
  • adaptable to all joineries.

Heated Glazing: The End of Radiators?

Heated glazing is double glazing composed of a conductive layer connected to the power supply by electrodes.

The electrical energy is then transformed into heat and diffused by radiation.

The benefits:

  • no more cold wall effect that encourages you to increase heating;
  • can replace or supplement an existing heating system;
  • prevents condensation on the inner glass and therefore reduces the risk of mold;
  • space saving compared to radiators.

This glazing remains expensive like all the innovations hardly proposed on the market, but perhaps represents the future of heating!

All in all, this post should interest people seeking some information on window glazing. So, you will have more elements to discuss with your contractor next time you are planning a home renovation or construction project.

Criteria for Choosing the Right Foam Mattress

As seen in our previous post: Homemyinfo Has Selected the 5 Best Foam Mattresses for You, choosing between comfort zones, density, treatments, associated box spring, guarantee… there are numerous criteria to be taken into account when selecting a foam mattress. Homemyinfo reviews them for you below.

Polyester or Polyurethane Foam

With a density rarely higher than 30 kg/m3, the polyester foam has a somewhat limited lifespan; the mattress often begins to collapse after 3- 4 years. The polyester foam mattress is, therefore, best suited for occasional use. Polyurethane foam, also known as high resilience foam, has the advantage of immediately recovering its shape once there is no longer any pressure on it.

The Density

The higher it is per cubic meter, the more it guarantees the durability of the foam mattress. If less than 25 kg, it is therefore reserved for cribs and extra beds.

Shape Memory Foam

To be eligible for this designation, the density of the foam must not be less than 55 kg/m3. And the higher it is, the more durable the shape memory foam mattress will be.

Possible Comfort Zones

Some foam mattresses can have 3 comfort zones (back, head and shoulders, thighs, and feet), 5 or even 7 zones for people suffering from back pain or joint pain.

The Treatments

Many foam mattresses have received an anti-dust mite treatment to reduce the risk of allergies. Anti-bacterial and anti-mold, they also reduce the risk of unpleasant odors.

The Size

Your foam mattress should be about 15 cm longer than your waist to ensure a comfortable bed.

The Box Spring


A foam mattress is ideal to combine with a slatted bed base, which will support it while allowing it to aerate.

The Guarantee

Some warranties extend up to 10 years or more and are a good indication of the durability of the foam mattress.

Foam Mattresses: Advantages and Disadvantages

If the foam mattress has been enjoyed for many years, it is because its advantages are undeniable.

The Foam Mattress Offers a Good Price/Quality Ratio

You can choose between soft or firm support, according to your tastes and morphology, the first one is more suitable for thin people.

Depending on the density of the mattress, which, however, increases the price, the foam mattress can be used as a shape memory (from 55 kg/m3). It then reduces compression points and provides better alignment of the spine, treating and preventing many lumbar and joint problems.

However, some disadvantages must be taken into account.

First price foam mattresses are often of low density, for longevity that is just as low.

The elasticity of the foam mattress, which allows it to adapt to the sleeper’s morphology, is less than that of a latex mattress.

Hope the above helps you out in choosing your Foam Mattress. In case of any doubt, do not hesitate to request more information in the comment section below.

Homemyinfo Has Selected the 5 Best Foam Mattresses for You

It’s time for you to change your mattress, and you’re thinking about choosing a foam model? While we spend almost a third of our time sleeping, this choice is far from insignificant! To help you do this, Homemyinfo has established its top 5 best foam mattresses based not only on their strengths but also on the notes and opinions of Internet users who have had sweet dreams.

1. Naturalex Mattress: Supratex

Qualified as comfortable by its users, this mattress offers soft support. It consists of a layer of memory foam with very open cellular pores to improve air circulation and moisture evacuation. Its core (the heart of the mattress), made of latex and polyurethane with a density of 35 kg/m3, provides excellent support for the body. All covered with an ecological cotton coutil (its outer shell) enriched with natural aloe vera extracts, known for its soothing and naturally anti-mite properties. Flat: its intense chemical smell, which takes a long time to disappear.

2. Foam Mattress Made in France: Abeil Cold Foam Mattress

Users of this foam mattress appreciate its French construction and firm padding. It is made of cold foam with a density of 30 kg/m3, i.e., a polyurethane foam that is not manufactured at high temperature, thus allowing it to keep a cellular structure open for proper mattress breathing and excellent moisture absorption. Another asset highlighted: its removable and washable cover at 60°. However, some users regret that it does not have handles and is too firm.

3. Foam Mattress with a Good Price/Quality Ratio: Golden Dream Foam Mattress

This polyurethane foam mattress is much appreciated for its reasonable price/quality ratio: it is firm while remaining comfortable and offering excellent support. Besides, it does not deform too quickly over time. Its users also appreciate its hypoallergenic cotton ticking and its anti-mite and anti-bacterial treatments. Also noteworthy: its lightness, which makes it easy to handle. Some users complain that its finishes are not up to the level even while comparing them with its low price for its dimensions (140×90 cm).

4. Foam Mattress That Combines Firmness and Flexibility: Foam AirSistem Ergo-Therapy

With its 2 cm of shape memory foam (density 65 kg/m3), which is used to mold the body according to weight, and its 14 cm (28 kg/m3) foam core, this mattress combines for most of its users’ firmness of support and soft reception. Other assets highlighted: the aesthetics of its fabric and its Sanitized ® treatment, which fights both bacteria and fungus spores, also reducing the development of odors. Some people find it a little too firm, however, while it is presented as soft.

5. Low-Cost Foam Mattress: Direct Mattress Star

With a density of 25 kg/m3 and a thickness of 15 cm, this inexpensive mattress is considered comfortable but is best suited for teenagers or an extra bed. Its users love its breathable and thermo-regulable stretch fabric at body temperature, as well as its anti-mite, anti-bacterial, and anti-mold treatments. However, many people draw attention to the difference between the displayed dimensions of the mattress and the actual dimensions, which can be up to 4 cm longer.

Finally, you would like to compare the best foam mattresses and the criteria for choosing the right one for your needs. When selecting a foam mattress, the criteria to be taken into account are numerous. Between density, comfort zones, treatments, associated box spring, guarantee… Homemyinfo summarizes them for you in this interesting post: Criteria for Choosing the Right Foam Mattress.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Egg Chair

In furniture, the egg chair is an undeniable asset in terms of decoration and comfort.

The egg chair was originally an original idea, created in 1958 by Danish designer Arne Jacobsen for the design of the lobby and reception areas of the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. Marking the history of design in the 1950s, he quickly became the icon of industrial design. As a result, it has been copied a lot and has become a source of inspiration for many furniture designers.

Its cocooning aspect due to its enveloping and ultra-design shape (with optional speakers for music lovers and cinephiles) will make it the essential and trendy decorative asset of your home.

Egg Armchair: The Different Models

Perfectly adapted to our contemporary interiors, the egg armchair easily finds its place in a living room or bedroom, whether in a Haussmann-style apartment or an industrial-style loft, as well as in a country house, where its trendy furniture side will look great.

Good to know: there are several imitations of Arne Jacobsen’s armchair, which resemble the original in shape and name.

The Egg Chair Is Available in Different Colors and in Surprising Material Blends:

  • resin and fiber with velvet interior;
  • hard foam covered with colored fabric;
  • pure and simple copies in imitation leather;
  • aluminum shell studded like an aviator, with a micro-fiber interior, giving them a vintage look;
  • resin and leather seat for the “Ball” chairs, with a rounder shape.

Good to know: for those who have a garden or a terrace, the egg chair comes in a suspended swing made of braided resin with a cushion, ensuring an ultra-comfortable seat. It is suspended with its own support bracket, or fixed with a carabiner (be careful to fix it with fasteners adapted to the support, to avoid any risk of falling).

If you need some more ideas on the type of chair you are looking for, read this interesting post on Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bean Bag.

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