– Paint for baby’s room: the most fashionable colors

    – Criteria for choosing paint for baby’s room

    – Paint for baby’s room: points of sale and prices

As birth approaches, many preparations are to be expected. Among them are the layout and decoration of the room of the future child. Many questions then arise: what color to choose? What type of paint should be used? How to ensure the future baby’s safety while offering a room that is both soothing and welcoming? The point now.

Paint for baby’s room: the most fashionable colors

To make the baby’s room soothing and to facilitate his rest, it is advisable to turn to the following colors:

    – White: classic, this color has the advantage of being neutral and can be easily decorated with pictures, drawings, or photos. Similarly, white can be chosen matt, satin, or gloss.

    – Pastel and neutral colors: chosen in light shades, they bring calm and serenity to the baby’s room.

    – Blue or pink: these are the traditional colors according to the sex of the child.

    – Colors that evoke a specific universe: blue for the ocean, green for the forest, gold for dreams, etc.

Caution: since the eyes of infants are particularly sensitive to bright colors, it is advisable to avoid, during the first year, very bright colors such as red, yellow, or fuchsia.

Criteria for choosing paint for baby’s room

Before you start designing a baby’s room, it is recommended that you pay attention to the following points:

    The paint’s composition must be free of toxic agents or solvents to prevent irritating the bronchial tubes or cause any other intoxication if the baby swallows it. The colors known as “mineral” paints are those that represent the least danger for the smallest.

    – The maintenance: the room will be one of the places of life among most important for baby; the painting must thus be easily washable in the event of spots or degradations.

    – The amount of paint to buy will depend on the space to be painted, expressed by the manufacturers in yield per square meter.

    – The respect of quality standards such as Eco-label.

    – The color of the furniture intended to decorate the baby’s room so that the whole is harmonious and coherent.

Tip: if the work is done shortly before the child’s birth, it is recommended to have it done by professionals to limit any fatigue to the future mother.

Painting for baby’s room: points of sale and prices

Paint for a baby’s room can be purchased in:

    – all DIY stores;

    – some stores specializing in the sale of childcare accessories;

    – on the Internet.

The budget to be planned depends on the price of the chosen paint and the walls’ surface to be painted. Average prices vary between:

    – $10 to $15 for an entry-level 2-liter jar of paint;

    – $30 to $40 for a 2.5-liter pot of ecological paint without toxic particles, allowing you to paint about 20 m².

Please note: additional costs are expected if you wish to apply several coats of paint in the baby’s room.

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