Are you an avid reader and have so many books that you don’t know where to put them? Every book lover dreams of having at least one whole room to create a library space. But often, even with room for all your books, the organization leaves something to be desired. More for now! Despite the latest advances in space-saving e-book technology, it’s hard to resist the call of paper that smells so good and feels so good under your fingers.

Nothing will ever replace the thrill of holding the latest title by your favorite author in your hands or the dusty cover of an old classic. But how do you organize a library in your home, so it’s neat and easy to browse? Here are 6 simple tips to put into practice immediately to have an organized library… before you risk being overwhelmed by an ocean of culture!

1. Browse your book collection


Before you figure out how to organize a personal library, realize how many books you have and what they are. In this first phase, it is useful to create some catalog – online, there are many such services that will help you, for example, to establish a chronological or author order that could be useful when rearranging the shelves. This will help you understand even if there are books of secondary importance (tools, for example, as encyclopedias, textbooks from your studies that you no longer use, etc.) that you could put away from the main part of the library. If you’re not planning to get rid of a few books, this first step is essential to getting a clearer picture.

2. Choose a method

How do you organize a library in a sensible way? There are an infinite number of possibilities for putting volumes in order on the shelves, but when the fundamental problem is space, you have to choose between two basic methods: the classic order (choose between chronological/author/thematic consultation) or the aesthetic order (by size, color, shape) more adapted to those who are looking for a solution in harmony with the rest of the environment. Another option: is a classification by type of book. The most beautiful books to highlight, for example!

3. After the first classification… there is a second one!


Once you’ve decided whether to go with the classic or the aesthetic order, it’s time to get down to business and put the volumes back in your library. How do you arrange books on the shelves? If you’re non-conformist bibliophiles who love books even more than people, you can create subcategories by dividing the volumes by books that disappointed you, favorite books, and must-read books. The idea is to always have a book to pick from and, most importantly, to make room where there is none!

4. Balance with objects

Yes, we know you have a lot of books, and space is limited – but to keep your personal library from always looking like it’s on the verge of imploding, it’s necessary to let it breathe with decorative objects. For true book lovers, a great idea for organizing a bookshelf might be to create micro-frames with memorable book quotes to place above, below, to the side, or in front of volumes. In addition to books, are you a fashion addict? Books and heels seem to have been specifically designed to keep your library cool and vintage simultaneously. How do you organize a bookstore if you love to travel, even with your imagination? Travel-style decorations such as mini globes go perfectly with books! And for the geeks, figurines, and other merchandising items of your favorite books are welcome to dress up your library!

5. Always leave some free space


How do you organize an airy library? True book addicts can hardly resist the call of a freshly printed cover. So it’s best to prepare in time, leaving some open space right from the start to accommodate new books. Point 4 talks about decoration, but it’s a good idea to consider a few more holes, especially in the upper and lower shelves of the bookcase, where new and previously read volumes are usually stored respectively. Otherwise, how can you plan for future purchases?

6. Opt for a modular piece of furniture

Usually, the problem of organizing the bookcase is for a single wall of the house or part of it, but to make it really functional and suitable for a small living room/room, it would be better to opt for a modular solution rather than fully fixed shelves: a piece of furniture that will also facilitate the practical organization of the sub-rows, modern and really hot to decorate!

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