The renovation of a bathroom gives rise to many questions among homeowners. I was very hesitant when I had to choose between a single shower or a bathtub. I know that this is also the dilemma of many of you who are in the middle of a renovation.

My bathroom is one of the most important rooms in my home because it is the place I go to relax after a hard and strenuous day at work. My bathroom is my safe space, and this is why you need to be really careful while renovating it. So I suggest you discover in this article some tips to know to succeed in renovating your bathroom.

1. Planning a suitable bathroom layout


Are you hesitating between a bathtub and a walk-in shower? It all depends on the space available in your bathroom. A small room will more easily accommodate a compact shower stall. But if space permits, an island bathtub can be considered. A walk-in shower needs to be built into the floor. It will be easier to install on the first floor unless you raise the floor or opt for an extra-flat shower tray. In all cases, you should allow at least 70 centimeters of clearance in front of a basin, shower, or furniture to facilitate circulation.

2. Opt for waterproof coverings

On the walls of the bathroom, you can choose tiles and/or paint resistant to moisture. Since water splashes in this room are significant, it is best to avoid wallpaper, as the steam could cause it to peel off. The best solutions for the floor are porcelain stoneware tiles, natural stone, vinyl, waxed concrete, parquet, or plant fiber flooring.

3. Do not neglect the ventilation of the bathroom


Essential in the bathroom, especially if there is no window, the VMC (controlled mechanical ventilation with a single or double flow) allows air into the room and fight against mold and bacteria. Regularly scraping the shower walls after use and turning on the towel dryer are good ways to combat humidity.

4. Take care of bathroom lighting

A single ceiling light may not be enough in this potentially slippery area. Multiplying the light sources with a backlit mirror, wall sconces, and spotlights is advisable. Renovating the bathroom is also an opportunity to consider the location of outlets for hair dryers and other appliances. In any case, the electrical installation must respect the NF C 15-100 standard, with a distance of at least 60 centimeters from water points.

5. Consider smaller jobs


Do you need to redo your bathroom completely? Or would changing only the toilet, vanity, mirror, paint, and fixtures do the trick? It’s easy to run up the bill when redoing a bathroom, but you can also get a nice bathroom for less. My renovations cost less than $5,000, and I don’t find the pieces any worse! You can read about how I saved money on my bathroom here.

6. Choose a sustainable product

I like to choose classic ceramics that last over time. Then, I painted a wall and added some current accessories to the decor to give the room charm and, at the same time, fill my Pinterest cravings. Choosing a timeless tile and design saves having to redo the bathroom when trends change. Because yes: all directions eventually pass!

7. Plan to pay less


If you plan your bathroom renovations ahead of time, you may be able to find quality products at a lower cost. Wait for strategic times like end-of-season sales and clearances to purchase your plumbing fixtures, ceramic tiles, toilet, or shower door. If you’re patient, you may even find a ceramic tile set at 90% off or your dream shower at 50% off.

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