All of us dream of living in a home that we build and design ourselves, but this remains a dream for most people. Building a house from the ground up takes a lot of time, energy and there is a lot that goes behind it.

Building a house isn’t for the faint of heart, and this is why you should know what you are getting into before starting this journey. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things everyone should know before they start building their own home.

1. Location and choice of land


Before building a house, it is very important to first plan the land on which to build. At this point, many parameters must be taken into account. Therefore, you must make sure that the land you wish to acquire is favorable for construction.

You must also be particularly careful about the quality of the soil, that is, whether it can easily accommodate the foundation of a house or not. The only way to know if your land is stony or soft earth is to go there in several seasons. A trap to avoid when building a house is buying a lot in a good area at a very low price. Always ask yourself: what is behind this land?

You are more likely to live in your home for years, if not the following decades to come, which is why the choice of land is primordial here. So, be careful of the neighborhood and location of the land you are buying and look at the amenities close to it like schools, grocery stores, banks, and others.

2. Obtaining a building permit

You must always obtain permission from the authorities before building your home. The document you obtain is called a building permit. It is important to obtain it. Otherwise, your work will be stopped or even canceled. To obtain this important document, you have to go to the commune where your land is located. You will find more information on the US government website.

Your request must include:

  • A plan of the location of the land.
  • A sectional plan of the building site.
  • A plan of the construction masses to be built or modified.
  • A photo of the land.
  • A description of the land.
  • A form corresponding to the requested permit.

3. Site visits are mandatory


Don’t think that you are rid of all problems as soon as you sign the contract! Once the construction has started, a regular follow-up is what allows to avoid bad surprises at the end. First of all, you must take care to indicate in the contract the periods during which you would like to access the site. This will avoid any dispute later on.

During your visits, take the time to monitor the progress of the work. Visit your in-progress home is something that you ought to do to know that the building is in progress and there is no delay in the progress that will eventually happen. If you notice any anomalies or damage, call in a specialist who will assess the problems and suggest various remedies.

4. Insurance

There is no obligation to ensure your home while it is still under construction, but it is highly recommended. Home insurance for a house under construction will cover natural damage such as fire and flooding. Theft or vandalism is not covered. If there is any such damage, it is the responsibility of the builder to protect the site.

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