Focus on the various equipment of comfort of a dwelling. Whether inhabited or rented, a dwelling must be equipped with various facilities essential for the comfort of the occupants. The owner of a house or an apartment is even required to comply with certain obligations regarding decent housing for rent.

The electrical installation


The electrical installation is part of the essential equipment of a dwelling since the lighting and the household appliances depend on it. As a matter of comfort and, above all, safety, it is necessary to take into account the quality requirements of the NF C 15-100 standard. This standard imposes certain rules, such as

  • The installation of an earth connection for the evacuation of current leaks,
  • The conformity of the electrical panel,
  • The protection of electrical circuits and outlets,
  • The obligation to have an electrical diagram specifying the type and rating of each protection,
  • The obligation to install a GTL.

This standard applies to both construction and renovation. A verification check carried out by the National Committee for electricity users’ safety must precede the connection to the electrical network. Compliance is required for an old house. The intervention of a qualified professional is recommended for an electrical installation that complies with standards. 

Heating and air conditioning


Heating systems also guarantee the comfort of homes. However, some devices are more preferred than others in order to reduce energy consumption. For a house with electric heating, for example, it is not necessary to switch to another system that would require heavy installation work, which can be very expensive.

It is best to opt for more efficient electric radiators, such as those with inertia. These devices are popular because of their operating model, which allows the diffusion of homogeneous heat and controls energy consumption. Thanks to their automatic programming system, soft heat radiators with intelligent control are even more efficient.

For an investment in a new heating system, renewable energy appliances are the most suitable. Among others, the boiler and the wood or pellet stove are among the most appreciated heating devices for their good energy efficiency. Most of them are also eligible for public aid.

The heat pump is also an interesting alternative. It consumes little electricity while producing a significant amount of energy through the transformation of calories in the air or the ground (aerothermal or geothermal heating).

In addition, the reversible heat pump has an air-conditioning function, cooling the home in summer. Reversible air conditioning is also considered the most efficient system for comfort in all seasons.



An efficient plumbing system also ensures the comfort of the occupants of a home. This includes the water supply and drainage systems as well as the plumbing fixtures. The equipment must meet the needs of each user in terms of hygiene, but their aesthetic aspect should not be neglected.

As a minimum, the sanitary facilities should include a toilet, a shower or bathtub, and a hot and cold water supply. To be sure of the conformity of the installations, it is recommended to call a professional plumber.

Deckchairs and sunbeds


To dress up the edges of your pool, deckchairs and sunbeds are essential! Perfect for their aesthetics, they are also very pleasant for relaxation. Designed for sunbathing, relaxing, napping, reading, and all other activities, they are also very practical for parents who want to watch their children while swimming and allow them to dry off when they get out of the pool.

There is a wide range of them to suit all tastes. As much as possible, invest in durable and solid models and comfort! If you ask us, these are the perfect lounging equipment and are a must if you want to sunbathe or chill next to the pool while enjoying a cocktail. Every pool deserves to have at least 2 deckchairs because this is what is considered a traditional pool aesthetic, and they are also a very practical thing to own.

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